Christian Entrepreneurship Discussion Welcomes Hope International's CEO

Students at Oklahoma Christian University are being taught not only how to start a business, but also how to express their faith through entrepreneurship. Eagle Ventures is an OC organization dedicated to fostering faith through business. The group invites OC students to hear from the CEO of Hope International at the first Christian Entrepreneurship discussion Jan. 16 in the Gaylord University Center.

The Christian Entrepreneurship series guides entrepreneurs in navigating the world of business through a biblical lens. This semester, students, faculty and staff will learn from a series entitled the Praxis Course.

Russ McGuire, the program director of Eagle Ventures, looks forward to sharing the Praxis Course with students and staff.

“The Christian Entrepreneurs series allows students to hear a speaker’s startup journey, and faith journey, and how the two intersect,” said McGuire. “The Praxis Course has several beneficial discussions on the importance of Christ-centered business.”

The Praxis Course video-and-discussion session was designed to facilitate conversation on being a Christ-following entrepreneur. During each meeting, attendees will watch a video lecture of a Christian entrepreneur and then participate in a discussion on the video.

Tuesday’s topic, “The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good,” is given by Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International. The microfinance organization gives investments to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The message will cover the importance of distinguishing self-centered service from true service.

“Despite our intentions of guarding against selfish motives, we are prone to self-centered service,” said McGuire. “Greer’s message is a reminder to keep our motives pure.”

Christian Entrepreneurs is the work of Eagle Ventures, an OC initiative that works alongside students in their business startups. Projects include Altimeter, a software business that is based on the Ethos event model from OC, and VisuALS, an award-winning software business that allows individuals with ALS to communicate by tracking eye movement.

The Christian Entrepreneurs series will begin Jan. 16 at 5 p.m. in the Gotcher Room at the Gaylord University Center. Students, faculty, staff and the public are welcome to attend this free series.