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Therefore, since it is by God’s mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart.
2 Corinthians 4:1

Church Resources is all about being helpful to leaders. Whether biblical instruction, a special series, seminar, filling in for the preacher or assisting in times of transition, we want to be helpful. The church and the university are kingdom partners seeking to understand, apply, and live the gospel. Biblical and practical resources for leading and ministry are essential in our chaotic and fast-changing world. Church Resources is a network of people who value the church, are rooted in scripture, and involved in ministry. 

Our faculty in the College of Biblical Studies under the leadership of Dr. Charles Rix possess a wide range of biblical and theological scholarship and ministry experience as preachers, elders, youth and children's ministers, missionaries, and practitioners in cross-cultural communication, world religions, rural ministry, and urban ministry.

We are now utilizing Handshake for posting ministry positions and seeking a minister.
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Grady D. King, D. Min.

Join us Sept 22-25 for Four Days of Encouragement & Equipping

Sunday, Sept 22,  6.30 PM, Baugh Auditorium

ONE VOICE: Following Jesus, a Journey through Mark's Gospel 
A time of worship, Scripture readings, prayers and teaching by OKC metro ministers.

Monday, Sept 23, 9-4 PM, OC Conservatory

MINISTRY FAIR: Children's & Youth Ministry Intern Day, Christian non-profit ministries focused on intern opportunities plus food and conversation. Campus wide emphasis. 
Contact Susan Hoover or Dudley Chancey for more information.

Monday, Sept 23, 9 AM-Noon, University Dining South

Churches of Christ: Losing Our Hope, Seeking a Future
New Study Reveals Drastic Decline
Tim Woodroof, Ph.D. (Presentation & Conversation Seminar)--9483 respondents from fifty congregations of the Churches of Christ were asked three demographic
questions: “What is your age?” “How long have you been a Christian?” and
“How long have you been a member of this church?” The results are clear
and sobering. 

Tuesday-Wednesday, Sept 24-25

Christian Ministry with Scot McKnight, Ph.D (Various Locations on Campus)
Featuring: Pastor Paul: Nurturing a Culture of Christoformity in the Church


Pastor Paul is McKnight’s new book to be released September 2019 in which he identifies eight primary characteristics of pastoring in the Apostle Paul’s life. The task of pastoring, McKnight argues is creating and nurturing a culture of “Christoformity.” With so many varied understandings for “pastor,”  McKnight compels church leaders to ask the questions: what kind of models we are using and what kind of expectations are we raising? And, what does it mean to be faithful to the work of pastoring? Join us as we learn from Dr. McKnight and how it can make a difference in being God’s people.

McKnight is an American New Testament scholar, historian of early Christianity, theologian, and author who has written widely on the historical Jesus, early Christianity and Christian living. He is currently Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, IL. His works include: Blue Parakeet, The Jesus Creed, The King Jesus Gospel, A Community Called Atonement, The Fellowship of Differents, Open to the Spirit, and One Life.

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