International Students

Oklahoma Christian University: Among the Best Universities in the USA for International Students

International students enjoy low cost of living at Oklahoma Christian

We believe that OC is one of the best universities in the USA for international students because of the excellent quality of our undergraduate and graduate education, the low cost of living, friendly people, a dynamic local economy, diverse culture, and endless opportunities for Christian fellowship. Oklahoma Christian University welcomes students from all over the world, including international students from more than 50 countries. 

Oklahoma has consistently ranked in the top states in the USA for the lowest cost of living, which helps make us one of the cheapest universities for international students.

We provide a safe, welcoming college environment for international students. Our “Welcome to OC” kits supplies international college students with basics like sheets, pillows, a blanket, and other essentials needed to help students feel more at home after a long journey to university in the USA. Each kit is funded through donations from OC alumni and friends, and many are accompanied with a personal note welcoming new international students to the top university in America and to Oklahoma Christian University.

These shows of generosity and fellowship are not unusual at Oklahoma Christian. Not only does OC provide a quality of education competitive with other top universities and colleges in the US, it also provides an environment that fosters respect and friendship between students of all races, creeds and colors. With a student body of around 2,000 students, more than half of whom are active participants in service and ministry organizations, international students may find that Oklahoma Christian is simply friendlier than other colleges; in the USA, many universities possess student bodies of 15-20 thousand or more, which students in a new country can find overwhelming.

In a tight-knit community like OC, you're sure to feel welcome, which is part of what makes Oklahoma Christian one of the best Christian universities in the USA for international students. With the emphasis OC places on Christian faith, scholarship, and service, it’s easy to see why more and more students are choosing Oklahoma Christian.