At Oklahoma Christian, community is important in every dimension. It provides the support needed to thrive during challenging course work and challenging lives. It is the basis of lifelong friendships and networks that support each of us. Community is what gives us the confidence to move forward boldly and live intentionally, knowing we are not alone. 

We want students to develop a quality peer group to challenge themselves and help guide decision-making processes. That community will equip our students to live the “OC Experience.” 

Unapologetically, the OC Experience involves greater expectations than some universities. It is in place to prepare students for a world that also has expectations. The discipline that students learn at OC serves them for years to come. The student getting the greatest experience will strive to have fewer discipline needs. Instead, they will develop mentoring relationships and opportunities. It is not what you can’t do; it is what you can do. 


• What excites you most about being an OC student? 

• What is something you would like to try outside the classroom and how do you think it will benefit you academically? 


• Get to know people living around you. If you are off campus, hang out in the dorms. 

• Be in Freshman Fanfare and Spring Sing. 

• Choose friends wisely.