The world is longing for leaders of strong character and integrity. This gives OC students a unique advantage and gives them an opportunity to lead through service. This calling to serve does not require everyone to be a vocal leader. Instead, it includes leading by example and having compassion that is greater than the world expects. 

The basic environment of our campus calls for discipline, putting others before yourself and civility in a community setting, pointing toward being able to lead. 

The “lead” principle of the OC Experience builds on the basic desires of a servant heart, to put others before yourself, to understand the power of service and to change the world using the blessings we have. This part of the OC Experience will help redefine what it means to lead in the world today. 


• How do you define a servant? 

• How do you see yourself serving? 


• Research and get to know one of OC’s global service initiatives. 

• Be a mentor at Stanley Hupfield Academy. 

• Have a mindset to serve, not to be served. 

• Lead like a servant today.