At the heart of every academic institution is the discovery of your calling. This discovery allows you to apply your learning in many ways and in various areas in life. By discovering the strengths that are God-given and by developing additional skills, OC students desire to make a difference in the world. 

The discover process involves a number of networks and connections that are unique to OC: partnerships with industry leaders, internships, and mentoring and academic support programs to name a few. OC students benefit from the experience and knowledge of OC alumni. In many ways, alumni will lead the discovery process for current students, challenging them to succeed and world-changing decisions. 


• What are your strengths? 

• What is something that you would like to accomplish in college that would be a new experience? 


• Participate in or lead an excursion. 

• Make a list of what you want to accomplish while you’re at OC. Put it some place visible.