1. A team shall be composed of six players. You must have at least four people to start.

2. A service is putting the ball in play by the player in the right back position.

3. The ball must be clearly batted (not caught or allowed to rest momentarily in hands or arms).

4. One team may touch the ball only three times before being returned over the net.

  • A ball may be played twice by the same person provided he/she is the first and third to play the ball.
    Coed if three hits are used, one must be made by the minority sex on the floor.

5. Points and side out. The following infractions constitute a side-out or point whichever the situation merits.

  • Illegal serves.
  • Illegal return of serve.
  • Catch, hold, or dribble the ball.
  • Personal contact with any part of the net.
  • Touch ball when it already has been played three times.
  • Reach over the net under any circumstances.
  • Play out of position. Spike ball within 10 feet of the net while playing a back position; out of rotation service; touch floor opposite side of centerline.

6. Court and Service:

  • Captains shall toss for courts or service. (losers serve in successive games) Side of court shall be rotated after each game and after a team gets eight (8) points in the third game.
  • At the opening of the game the ball shall be put in play by the player in the right back position.
  • Each server shall continue to serve until the referee calls "side out."
  • Service may not begin without the official's whistle blowing.

7. Alternation - Service shall alternate as "side-out" is called.

8. Rotation - the term receiving the ball for service shall rotate one position, clockwise before serving.

9. You may not go under the net at any time.

10. Scoring:

  • A match will consist of one team winning two of three games played. If one team wins the first two games it is not necessary to play the third game.
  • Men's and Women's A & B league will play the first 2 games to 25points with rally scoring and third game will go to 15points. Men's and Women's C league will play first 2 games to 21points with rally scoring and the third to 15points.

12. A game can start with 4 players. Game time is forfeit time.

13. Men's net 95-5/8", Women's net 88-1/8".


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