•  Two 20min halves
  • A team can only have 9 players on the field.
    • One goalie and 8 field players
  • Red and Yellow cards will be distributed accordingly.
    • 2 Yellows or 1 Red= Ejection from that game, and team plays short for the remainder, and suspension from next game.
  • Teams must have similar shirts.
  • Sub only when team has a throw in or at any goal kick. Injury not included!
  • Off sides= attacking player behind last defending player, goalie not included.
  • Overtime= golden goal, first to score.
  • One 5 minute half
  • Shoot out= Not 5 total shooters, but one on one. First to miss or score accordingly. If one team misses on the first attempt and one scores, they win. If both miss or score, then it goes to the second player.
  • Everyone one is required to where shin guards.
  • No sliding tackling. (automatic red card)
  • A team can start with 7 players, but must have 8 by end of first halve. If team doesn’t have 7 by game time, it is a forfeit.
  • Run rule is 10 points up.


Rick Judd, Intramural Director

Box 11000
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Ph: 1.800.877.5010
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