Place: Student Center

Game: 8-ball

Format: Three players from each club will compete, or for doubles 2 two person teams from each club will compete.


  • winner will break next game
  • if you scratch on 8 ball, and the 8 ball goes in you lose
  • if you scratch on break, you don't lose
  • you must call all your shots
  • a scratch brings no balls up
  • slop stays down
  • keep one foot on floor at all times
  • what you make first (solid or stripe) is what you will be
  • No ball in hand on table scratches
  • Must hit your own ball first
  • If you scratch on the eight ball and you don't make the eight ball, you do lose.
  • The eight ball is not neutral, so you can not use the eight ball as a first combo ball.

Start of game: Both players will "lag" and the player's ball that ends up closest to the edge of the player started from without touching will have the choice of breaking.

All games are single elimination! 


Rick Judd, Intramural Director

Box 11000
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Ph: 1.800.877.5010
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email: rick.judd@oc.edu