1. A Ping-Pong server must stand behind. Not alongside the Ping-Pong table during the service.
  2. A Ping-Pong serve must have a trajectory that will take it off the opponent's end of the table. Serves with trajectory that will take them off the side of the table are not permitted.
  3. A Ping-Pong serve need not have a trajectory that will carry it off the opponent's end of the table after one bounce on the opponent's side.
    • Example: a 'drop serve' is permitted.
  4. Illegal serves will result in the loss of a point by the server.
  5. Serving shall always change players after five points. Even if a player is losing in a 'game point' situation, his opponent might still be designated as the server. If a player is losing in a 'game point' situation, he may lose on an illegal or losing serve.
  6. One can lose on a serve.
  7. Must serve five (5) times in a row.
  8. No contact with paddle and table.
  9. All games are single game elimination to 21 pts.
    • Except the championship game which is best 2 of 3 to 15 pts.
  10. When serving the ball must be thrown up at least 5 inches before contacting your paddle.
  11. After you have served your 5 points you switch sides with your doubles partner.
  12. Remember for doubles - serve opposite court
    • alternate shot 


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