1. Playing Field:

  • The playing field will be 80 yards long by 45 yards in width marked off in 20 yard intervals from one goal line to the other goal line.
  • The end zones will be 10 yards deep and 45 yards wide. 

2. Number and positions of players:

  • Seven (7) players will make up a team. The seven players will consist of four linemen and three backs. A game may begin with 5 players, but the 2 remaining players must be there by the end of the first quarter or the game is forfeited.
  • When a free kick is declared, 4 linemen of each team must be on the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
  • Offence must have 4 players set on the line, once set stay set, one player can be in motion after they set but no forward motion.
  • Offence has 20 seconds once small cones are placed on ground.

3. Downs:

A first down will be obtained when the ball is advanced in four downs or less from one interval to the next interval or further. There will be a total of four intervals.

4. Kickoff:

  • The kickoff will be made from the 20-yard line by using any kind of kick.
  • The receiving team must have four men between its 20-yard line and the centerline until the kick is made.
  • A kickoff which goes out of bounds will be put in play by the receiving team at midfield, or at the inbound mark whichever is closer to the kicker's goal.
  • The kickoff will not be a free ball, and may not be recovered by the kicking team.
  • The receiving team may advance the ball even though it has touched the ground.
  • A muffed kick reception is dead where it hits the ground.

5. Punting:

  • The offensive team may declare a free kick only on the fourth down.
  • When a kick is declared, the ball must be kicked.
  • The kicker may not be rushed on a free kick and a defensive player may not block the punt at the line of scrimmage.
  • Receiving team may advance the ball even though the punt was not caught; however a muffed punt is dead where it hits the ground.
  • When a free kick is declared, 4 linemen of each team must be on the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
  • Kicked ball must be aired up.

6. Passing:

  • Any number of lateral passes may be made on any play including kicks, and interceptions.
  • No player may pass either forward or laterally to himself.
  • A pass may be touched consecutively by any number of offensive players before being caught and still is in play.
  • The ball will be put into play at the original line of scrimmage after any pass, which is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage falls incomplete.
  • All 7 players are eligible for a pass.

7. Touching:

  • The ball will be declared dead when the ball carrier's belt is pulled.
  • A ball carrier or pass receiver who loses a flag before obtaining possession of the ball will be declared touched or tackled once they have been touched by an opposing player. EXCEPTION: If the defensive player intentinally pulls a receivers flag before the reception, 10 yards will be added on the spot of the reception. Touchdowns and extra points may be awarded in these cases.

8. Blocking and Use of Hands:

  • Hands may be used to ward off a block, but shoving a blocker backwards is unnecessary roughness. A rusher may not run into a blocker.
  • 3-point, 4-point, and other squat stances to begin plays are illegal.
  • Blocking below the waist is always illegal.
  • Blocking a person to the ground is illegal.
  • When you screen or block you must have your hands down behind your back
  • To block a pass you must jump vertically, no swatting at ball/plasser

9. Fumbles:

  • A fumbled ball is dead when it is fumbled and belongs to the team that fumbled it at the spot.
  • A fumble from scrimmage that goes out of bounds will be put in play at the inbound mark, opposite the spot where it went out of bounds, unless it is illegally thrown or kicked out of bounds.
  • A snap from center which touches the ground before reaching the ball handler is dead where it touches the ground. EXCEPTION: On fourth down when a punt has been declared.
  • A fumble that is recovered in the air before touching the ground will belong to the recovering team and may be advanced the same as an interception.
  • No swatting at the ball or trying to pop it out of hands for a fumble.

10. No hurdling over opponents, or diving for extra yardage.

11. Try for a point:

  • After a touchdown you must choose to go for a 1 point or 2 point conversion, the 1 point is set on the 2 ½ yard line and the 2 point is set on the 5 yard line.
  • If the defense intercepts the extra point attempt and runs in back for a score it is 2 points.

12. Time:

  • All leagues play 20 min halves. The clock stops only for time outs.
  • Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half; each timeout is 1 minute long.
  • A game will last no longer than 55 minutes unless the score is tied and the tiebreaker will be played at that point...

13. Tie Games:

  • In an event of a tie each team will have 4 downs to score from the 20 yard line.
  • 2 over times at the 20(1 min. time out each), then 2 at the 10(30 sec. time out each), all rest will be played at the 5 (no time outs)

14. Equipment:

  • Cleats will be allowed on shoes. Soccer shoes are acceptable.
  • No player will be allowed to participate in bare feet, hard or open toe shoes.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times and must be tucked into the shorts or pants.
  • No shorts or pants with belt loops or pockets, no jewelry (including live strong type bracelets) (pockets can be taped closed)

15. Penalties

Loss of 5 Yards

  1. Delay of Game (Dead Ball Foul)
  2. False Start (Dead Ball Foul)
  3. Encroachment (Dead Ball Foul)
  4. Illegal Procedure
  5. Illegal Motion
  6. Illegal Shift
  7. Illegal Snap
  8. Less than required number of players on the scrimmage line at the snap.
  9. Illegally handing the ball forward (Loss of Down, if by team A)
  10. Illegal forward pass (Loss of Down, if by team A)
  11. Defense jumping forward to block a pass (must jump vertically)

Loss of 10 Yards

  1. Illegal Contact
  2. Eligibility lost by going out of bounds and participating in the play
  3. Offensive pass interference
  4. Defensive pass interference
  5. Straight Arm, Flag Guarding, Illegal Block (at spot)
  6. Illegal Flag Belt Removal
  7. Personal Foul
  8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  9. Roughing the passer (Automatic 1st Down)
  10. Fair Catch Interference
  11. Illegally Secured Flag Belt on TD (Loss of Down and Disqualification of Player)
  12. Illegal Participation, Illegal Kicking, Illegal Batting

16. Disqualification:

  • For flagrant roughness
  • Any repeated violations of unsportsmanlike conduct.

17. Inadvertent Whistle:

  • If the official sounds an inadvertent whistle, the offense shall have the choice of: (1) accepting the ball where it was inadvertently whistled dead or (2) running the play over, same down and distance.

*******Twenty Five Point Rule:

  • Any team leading by twenty five (25) points or more, with FIVE (5) minutes or less remaining in the shall be declared the winner immediately. Any team up by 18points by the 2 min of the last half will be declared the winner.
  • Tuck in shirt / No belt loops
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a 10 yard penalty; this includes sideline behavior from your club.
  • Every touchdown the players belt will be pulled by the ref. 


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