Men's A = 20min half's

Women's A = 18min half's

Men's B = 18min half's

Women's B = 16min half's

Men's C = 16min half's

Women's C = 14min half's No clock stop

Men's D = 14min half's No clock stop

2 min halftime

Last 2min each half clock stops on whistle (B league and lower, if a team is down 30 within the last 2 min of the second half the clock only stops for timeout)

  • Five fouls for a foul out
  • Each team gets 2 timeouts per half
  • 2 min overtime, each team gets 1 time out, clock stops at 1 min on whistle (2 at 2min , 2 at 1min, 5th overtime is sudden death)


Rick Judd, Intramural Director

Box 11000
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Ph: 1.800.877.5010
Ph: 405.425.5914
fax: 405.425.5901