General Rules

  • All full-time students enrolled at OC, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Intramural program, except as stipulated in other rules.
    An Intramural Fee must be paid before competing.
  • Any team that is caught with a player that does not fall within these guidelines will be removed from the schedule for the rest of that season.
  • OC varsity athletic team members are ineligible to compete in the sport in which they are assigned.
  • A player may represent only one team in a sport in any given season.
    Example - a player may not play in an A league 1 and a C league game 1. If a roster change is necessary it is to be made after all the first round games have been played. The penalty for this violation is automatic forfeit of the second game played in.
  • There are no roster changes after the second game. THIS MEANS WHATEVER LEAGUE THE PLAYER PLAYS IN THE SECOND GAME, IS WHERE THE PLAYER STAYS! Thus, all final rosters are to be handed in before the second game is played.
  • A player may be replaced if there is an injury, sickness or other extreme circumstance in which a player can not compete for the remainder of the season. A doctor's note or other form of documentation will be required. This will be dealt with on a case to case bases. If this occurs players may be bumped up or down from other leagues to fill the spot. Replacement of player or players will be permanent. The player that is being replaced may not participate for the remainder of the season.
  • Any player caught participating on two or more teams (Independent or club) will not be allowed to participate in any other intramural games for the remainder of the season. The teams on which the player participated will be given an automatic forfeit for each game other than the first game in which the player participated.
  • Any team using an ineligible player shall be given an automatic disqualification and loss for all games in which the ineligible player participated.
  • Individuals participate at their own risk, as this is a voluntary sports program.
    The Intramural Director must have rosters with the competitors of each team listed by their given name (no nicknames), before the team is eligible to compete in their first game.
  • Teams or individuals arriving more than ten (10) minutes late for any contest will forfeit the contest unless previous notification and arrangements have been made through the Director of Intramurals. If neither team appears, it will count as a loss against both teams.
    Any team that has 2 forfeits in a sport season will automatically be removed from the schedule.
  • A student must have participated in at least one regularly scheduled game before he/she is eligible to compete in playoff games.
  • Any individual who exhibits flagrant misconduct, i.e. fighting, cursing, etc., automatically suspends himself or herself from further intramural participation and the severity of the penalty will be determined on a case by case basis by the Intramural Director.
  • Remember - having any player ejected is a 10-point deduction and that player may not play in the next game - NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The refs are in charge on the field. What they say on the field goes and if a change needs to be made the Intramural Director will review the problem after the game is over.
  • We all want to have fun and this means being able to play in a Christian atmosphere. PROFANITY AND TRASH TALKING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
    • First Offense- Warning
    • Second Offense - Automatic ejection from the game. 10-point deduction. Player is not allowed to play in the next game.
      • This also includes all spectators on the sidelines. Being ejected from the sideline has the same consequences as being ejected from a game.
  • An Athletic Director will represent each club. The AD is responsible for knowing the rules and scheduling of games. It is also their job to communicate to the Intramural Director on behalf of the club they represent.
  • All games scheduled are final once the schedule is printed. Any specific days that a club would like to avoid should be handwritten and given to the Intramural Director before entries are closed for that sport.
  • The rescheduling of games due to weather or outside circumstances will take place on a basis of availability.
  • The Intramural Director reserves the right to review all incidents and participants on a case-by-case basis.
  • Junior Varsity team members may compete in intramural activities. A member of a Varsity program at any College or University may not compete in their sport until they have sat out one year.
  • Master's students may participate for a club if they were on the previous years club roster as a full-time member. Other master's cases will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Play-offs and Championship games
  • Play-offs are for the club all-sports race only. Only clubs competing as a non independent team may participate in play-offs. No independent or organization teams are aloud to participate in the play-offs regardless of win record.
  • Only exceptions to this rule are:
    • One freshman team chosen before the season starts will have the opportunity to compete in the play-offs if there record qualifies.
    • If the league is not being played for club points, and there is enough time to conduct a play-off tournament.


Rick Judd, Intramural Director

Box 11000

Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Ph. 1.800.877.5010

Ph. 405.425.5914

fax 405.425.5901