Freshman Fanfare


When is it?
Late September – Fall Visit Weekend. Last year’s show played for approximately 2,000 people.

How do I get in it?
There will be announcements beginning with ‘Earn Your Wings’ that will instruct freshmen on how to get involved in the show.

Must I audition to participate?
Absolutely not! That’s what makes the show different, and anyone who wants in only has to come to rehearsals. The acts for this group will be planned for them. This makes it a perfect show for those wanting to try it for the first time.

What if I would like to try for a solo spot?
There are auditions for feature acts, which will be advertised as well. Even if you do not get the spot you audition for, there are several other opportunities to be featured in the show.

What is the purpose of the show?
• Provide another opportunity to meet people and begin relationships
• Provide an opportunity to take part in this kind of production (both on-stage and off-stage), even if you’re totally inexperienced
• Provide experienced performers with an opportunity to show their stuff
• Learn the teamwork involved in putting together this kind of production

How to I get tickets for the show?

Freshman Fanfare Tickets

Can't make the show?

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