Earn Your Wings 2015

Campus Housing opens on Tuesday, August 25 at 7:00 am. Take Flight will be available for any students who not yet attended orientation. 

Lunch will be provided for both students and families in the Cafeteria at noon. 

Dinner will be provided for students under the McGraw Pavilion at 6:00, followed by speed friending and a devo.

Earn Your Wings runs from Wednesday, August 26 to Saturday, August 29. It is required for all freshmen.

Earn Your Wings Schedule

Wednesday, August 26
9:00 College Student Inventory
10:30 Academic Day
11:00 Chapel
11:45 Lunch
1:00 Afternoon activities with departments
5:00 Dinner in the homes of OC employees
6:30 Church on campus w/ Chance Vanover
7:30 Prayer of Blessing by the Admissions Office
8:30 Opening Ceremonies
9:00 Hub Time
10:00 Coffee Shop and Music

Thursday, August 27
9:00 Hub Time and Donuts
10:00 OC Talks
12:00 Lunch with Hub Groups
1:00 Hub Games
3:00 Free Time (volleyball, games, cake decorating, dog park, etc.)
6:00 Dinner with Hub Groups
7:00 Hub Time
8:00 Worship w/ Mitch Wilburn
9:00 Clue
10:00 Girl/Guy Devo
11:00 Ben Rector Release Party

Friday, August 28
9:45 Kite Day
11:45 Lunch
1:00 Free Time/Taste of Edmond
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Hub Time
7:00 Praise and Worship w/ Scott Young
8:00 Block Party
9:00 Movie

Saturday, August 29
9:00 Color Run
10:30 Final Volleyball Match (hot dogs, snowcones, water slides, etc.)
3:00 Final Hub Time
4:00 Closing Ceremonies
4:45 Family Dinner
6:00 Leave for Downtown OKC
6:30 Concert @ Myriad Gardens
8:30 Bombing Memorial and final devo