Freshman Experience

GOAL: To help students have a positive OC experience through academic, social and spiritual success.


Freshman Counselors

All first-time college students are provided a Freshman Counselor. This person is here to guide students through their first year of college and assist with any questions, problems or concerns.

Freshman Links

The Freshman Links are peer mentors who work closely with the Freshman Counselors to assist students in having a great year. These current OC students contact their freshmen regularly and plan great activities, encouraging students to get involved and meet other freshmen.

Students of Concern

Students of Concern is a campus-wide retention effort that provides support to any student who is challenged in continuing his/her education.

Summer Programs

Take Flight

During this one-day orientation event, new students will receive basic knowledge about preparing for the academic side of the OC experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore majors and meet professors. By the end of orientation, they will have their first college schedule and some new friends!

Earn Your Wings

After students have enjoyed “Take Flight,” they will be ready to attend “Earn Your Wings.” Upperclassmen have prepared a week packed full of fun activities that will help new students meet fellow students and learn the history and spirit of Oklahoma Christian. These activities include inspirational speakers, small discussion groups, beginning the Freshman Seminar class and great entertainment. This event has a great reputation for getting students started on a successful college experience.

For more information on either of these events, visit

Freshman Experience Contact Information

Located in the Student Life Office, Gaylord University Center