Where you’re the hero and eagles Thrive! Backyard Club

A lot of life happens in the backyard.

Messy and marvelous birthday parties. Hard, laborious work. From life lessons around the fire pit to exploring God’s creation, growth is constantly evident.

At OC, we love the ol’ backyard. So we rolled up our sleeves, fired up the grill, and swung open the gates for friends everywhere.

Just as so many of our alumni have made the Homeward campaign a smashing success, the Backyard Club pushed the limits with folks (even those who don’t have an OC degree!) who have a heart for this place.

Thanks to the passion of these Backyard heroes, we soared past our initial goal of 500 members and amped up the power of OC’s dream machine. With each Backyard hero committing to an automatic monthly gift to any on-campus project, the impact is huge. Big things, little things, everyday things, life-changing things. These cape-donning Eagles won’t be stopped!

Want to peek out back? Everyone is welcome! The gate is open ... and we’re ready to whisper the password. Join us at www.oc.edu/backyardclub.

Fall 2017

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