Thrive campaign tops fundraising goal

By Will Blanchard (07)

In June 2014, we launched a fundraising campaign unlike any we knew, Thrive.

It was a bizarre animal in two major ways: it was fast (three years) and it was transparent (open goals and communication from start to finish).

Today, as we’re set to close the formal campaign portion of Thrive, we’ve discovered this unique mix of ambition and authenticity can be difficult to manage.

But, we’ve also discovered the “Thrive model,” hard or not, resonates unlike almost anything we’ve attempted before.

  • The Brew coffee shop (top and right) opened in April.
The Brew coffee shop (top and right) opened in April.

Here are a few facts worth celebrating:

  • You’ve helped us complete 15 named projects. From Cail Auditorium in DAH, to Das Millicanhaus in Vienna, to our state-of-the-art gaming labs, to our deliciously tempting Chick-Fil-A, our students are living and working in vibrant new spaces that simply would not be without Thrive.
  • Beyond these 15, you invested more than $7.5 million in 250 other projects. Your fingerprints are on nearly every Kingdom-building work we do here.
  • We’ve taken you behind the curtain more than 60 times at We’ve explained how we fundraise, how we budget, and how we feel.
  • More than 9,100 different people and organizations have invested in Thrive. On average, that’s more than four people (who aren’t parents or professors) lifting up every one of our undergrads.
  • Finally, you’ve given more than $32,275,000 to Thrive. That’s more than $20 a minute for three years. On a gifts-per-donor basis, those are the most successful fundraising minutes in OC’s history.

You know by now that Thrive’s goal was $30 million, which means (drumroll) we did it ... and more! As we celebrate the campaign’s end, we’re also excited to tell you the Thrive model isn’t going anywhere just yet.

We’ve committed to tackling the unfinished projects on our Thrive menu right now – and we want you in the know and plugged in with us for every twist and turn.

So please join us in celebrating an historic win with Thrive and look forward to more candid stories from the fundraising front this next year. It’s going to be good!

Spring 2017

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