Ralph and Darla Chain 2018 Honorary Alumni

Sarah Horton

The family of Ralph and Darla Chain represent five generations of friends and students of the university. Ralph and his father were the only father and son to serve on the OC Board of Trustees simultaneously, and now, the couple’s grandson is enrolled as a student. They have left a permanent mark on our campus as donors, leaders, and advisors. The couple became Honorary Alumni at the Homecoming Awards Banquet. 

Soon after receiving this recognition, Ralph passed from this life to the next, only 28 days before his 93rd birthday. We bid farewell to Ralph December 14th at the Elm Grove Community Church in Chester, Oklahoma. Ralph often spoke of the wisdom of King Solomon; we imagine them deep in conversation. Ralph will be missed by family, employees, and his friends at OC.

  • The Chain family surround Honorary Alumni Ralph and Darla Chain, devoted friends of OC.
The Chain family surround Honorary Alumni Ralph and Darla Chain, devoted friends of OC.

The legacy of Chain Ranch encompasses six generations of Chains who grew an undesirable land run quarter-section into 60,000 acres of range and cropland in Oklahoma and Kansas. Their care for the soil and grassland support an all-natural beef operation and attract an abundance of wildlife. Chain Ranch breeds thousands of cows and heifers each year and grows wheat and alfalfa crops. Over its 125 year history, the ranch has diversified into wind, oil, and gas energy production and pioneered agri-tourism with the Chain Ranch Sportsman’s Club.

Ralph and Darla have lived by the philosophy that everything they have is on loan from God. They’ve only been  here to take care of it. Ralph primarily spoke about legacy, family, and God. His and Darla’s open hearts and generosity have been a great blessing to the university. It is a privilege to include them on our role as Honorary Alumni.

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