Honorary Alumna Beloved For Service To Students Lois Hill

By Paige Adams

“I love my job, and I love my students. I love coming to work every day.”

That statement reflects Lois Irene Hill, OC’s newest honorary alumna. Lois is the cashier for U Dining at Oklahoma Christian, working the breakfast and lunch shifts.

She stumbled upon her job by accident nearly 20 years ago when her friend Diane asked her to fill in one afternoon. 

What began as a favor for a friend developed into years of service and countless smiles and laughs for students.

“She needed someone to fill in an hour one day,” Lois said. “I said ‘OK’ and I’m still here!”

"I love my job, and I love my students. I love coming to work every day."

Lois had a long history in the medical field before coming to OC. She worked in a doctor’s office for 25 years and served as an operating room nurse.

She loves to live life to the fullest. She has many hobbies, including spending time with family, fishing, traveling … and skydiving.

“Whether she is telling me stories about her dog (Little Man) or about her skydiving adventures, Lois can always brighten my day,” Student Government Association president Tyler Clark said.

Lois brings many fun things to the workplace, including a stop/go sign for the “after chapel rush,” as well as insisting on letting ladies go first in line. Whenever anyone tells her to “have a good day,” she replies, “Have a gooder one!”

“She is always kind, even when she isn’t having the best day,” senior Dawson Waugh said. “She always seeks joy.”

U Dining president Kurt Hermanson said, “She’s like everybody’s grandma. She has a way with the students. She has a few special students who will talk to her for hours a day. She loves to give hugs. She is just a special, special lady.”

And students and staff alike love to show Lois how special she is to them.

“My favorite memory of Lois is on her 80th birthday,” Kurt said. “We took 80 helium balloons to Hardeman Auditorium for students to give to her. The whole cove above her register was filled with 80 balloons for her birthday.”

Lois’ sense of humor and her beloved students keep her young. Her friendly face and her friendly words bring comfort and warmth to students at their home away from home.

“If students are new here, I want to make them feel welcomed and tell them I’m here for them,” Lois said. “I love my students. They keep me going. They are the reason I get up in the morning.”


Fall 2017

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