Homeward We've just gotta say, we're so proud of Grads like You!

For the past six years, you have been heading Homeward—and you haven’t stopped. Since the program’s launch in 2012, an outstanding 4,049 grad givers have helped buck the norm by joining the Homeward movement. Last year alone 1,496 grads gave back to OC! This year we want to aim even higher with a goal of 1,750 grad givers for the 2018-2019 school year.

Is it crazy to think that we can continue to raise our alum’s participation rate as the national average drops? Maybe. But we know that our alumni are different—that they are difference makers and kingdom changers. 

The opportunities to give back to your alma mater are abundant with plenty of projects to match your unique passions. 


Oklahoma Christian University has the ability to make a difference in the lives of thousands of current and prospective students (as well as the surrounding community and those affected by OC missions across the world!), and with one of the most kind, generous, Jesus-loving, and mission-minded group of people this side of eternity—we’re ready to chase down national supremacy again! 

Fall 2018

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