Growing the Next Generation OC Alums encourage mentorship in their community

Paige Eckhart (16)

OC alumni Kevin and Devin Lawrence (01) have a passion for mentorship. They have a love for helping others develop into strong Christian leaders and use those characteristics to be successful in the work world. 

Devin, the first to go to college in her family, received a degree in early elementary education and is currently the director of advancement at Oklahoma Christian School (OCS). 

When asked how OC prepared her for her career, she said, “We were able to spend a lot of time in classrooms. A lot of other programs didn’t do that at the time.” 

She worked as a teacher for 10 years before stepping into her new staff development role—something she’s always been passionate about. 

Devin noticed there weren’t any staff development programs in Oklahoma and used her passion for helping others to develop a program to work with struggling teachers. 

She works with new teachers and shares strategies with them, encourages them, and even helps teach in their classrooms.

“Teachers aren’t supported financially and they don’t always get the support they need to do their job well,” Devin said. 

Much like his wife, Kevin believes in the importance of mentoring others. He developed a 10-session coaching program that looks at students’ purpose, personal mission statements, and goals. 

He works with 15 young professionals and has had 17 people finish the program so far. 

Kevin also helped launch an app, Thoomazo, to help OC students develop their businesses and find jobs. He wants to give back to students by encouraging them to create, serve and build.

“We recently went live with the app to reach the OC community. It allows OC students to service the community and alumni,” he said.

When asked about the advice they would give to new graduates, Kevin and Devin had similar thoughts.

“Be humble. That is the advice that was given to me early on and it is something that will always be valued by those you are trying to influence.” Kevin said. “Your attitude makes a difference. You are hired for competency and fired for character.” 

Similarly, Devin said you should hold to your Christian values. 

“When you stick to your Christian values, that is noticed,” she said. 

Devin also mentioned the importance of having a mentor. 

“I didn’t understand the value of that early on, but having someone give feedback and advice on what you’re doing is important,” she said.

The Lawrences appreciate OC because the people at this place become your family and community. They know students are cared about and loved. They are challenged to have hard biblical discussions and grow in their faith. 

Kevin and Devin have become leaders in the OC community and have found it to be rewarding.

“We make a good team and my appreciation for OC is strengthened because of my relationship with Devin. My passion for OC will only continue to grow as we spend more time with students, faculty, and staff,” Kevin said. “Find those relationships where you can grow together and continue to challenge one another. That teamwork has allowed us to get to where we are.”

Spring 2018

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