Executive Decision Mercy VP grows in her skills, knowledge with OC MBA

By Wes McKinzie (98)

Laurie Weathers is right where she wanted to be.

With 30 years of healthcare administration experience, she has a dream job as vice president of business operations for Mercy Clinic. But despite her background and expertise, Laurie didn’t have an advanced degree like her peers did.

She knew a master’s degree would be required if she ever wanted to move into another role.

The cost and convenience of OC’s Master of Business Administration program was just what the doctor ordered.

“Several things stood out to me about OC. My faith is very important to me so I felt I needed to find a school that would complement my faith and my beliefs,” she said. “With the proximity of where my home and my work are, and with the ways OC caters to a working executive, this program fit perfect for me.”

The diversity of OC’s MBA program is distinctive. There are nine elective tracks to choose from in addition to a general degree, allowing professionals to get the skills and knowledge most relevant to their careers.

OC’s Health Services Management concentration gave Laurie the chance to pursue more than a degree.

“I was so excited to get back in and learn more about what’s changed about my particular field. There are things about leadership like emotional intelligence that we didn’t learn about 30 years ago. And there’s brand new technology we need to stay right up to the minute on in our field,” Laurie said. “It’s like training for a marathon; you have to do the training, you have to do the discipline to get to the finish.”

Laurie’s spiritual training started in our own backyard; her first church experience as a child was Vacation Bible School at Memorial Road Church of Christ.

She’s made a lot of OC connections through the years. Laurie made two trips to Rwanda with former OC president Mike O’Neal and other representatives from Mercy and Oklahoma Christian.

She’s gotten to know many OC graduates from Rwanda, and even attended the university’s first commencement ceremony in Kigali in 2014. And when Laurie began her journey toward that diploma, she found OC felt like … home.

“All my classes are in one building. I park in one place. I can be here one evening a week and finish in a short time,” she said. “I wanted the camaraderie of the classroom. I really wanted stimulation with other professionals in similar fields and in similar places in their life. It’s been a really rewarding experience.”

Spring 2017

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