Any amount. Any project. You give, you count. Homeward

Five years ago, OC grads (you!) started heading Homeward – and you haven’t stopped. Since the program’s launch in 2012, a whopping 3,731 grad givers have hopped aboard the Homeward train. 

“OC is Home” is just as true today as ever, and our grads continue to shout that Eagle pride from the rooftops. Every new grad giver helps raise our alma mater’s ranking in U.S. News and World Report, which means more partnership opportunities for faculty and students, more grant dollars for academic and service projects, and a higher-valued degree for our grads (you again!). 

Oklahoma Christian University has one of the life-savingest, kingdom-buildingest, world-changingest groups of people this side of eternity. And we’re ready to chase national domination…again!

Any amount. Any project. You give, you count. 

Fall 2017

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