Alumni Achievement Awards Homecoming

Each year at Homecoming, OC’s colleges and departments select an alum to honor for high achievement, innovation, accomplishment, or impact. We welcomed these alumni to inspire students in classrooms and receive this special recognition. President John deSteiguer, Dr. Scott LaMascus (84), department chairs, friends, and family gathered to honor the accomplishments of our alumni, like Mechanical Engineering graduate, Dr. Blair Dodson (06) who grows lung tissue. Dr. Dodson manufactures lungs for transplant, specializing in pediatric pulmonology.   

Aaron Sayles (72) attended OC through the Civil Rights Era. He excelled in his career starting at RCA eventually leading to Intel, and he served as a strong voice promoting diversity. Aaron has been recognized with a Presidential Citation, a People’s Choice Award in Diversity, and a Diversity Leadership Award from Intel.

Thad McCracken (96) graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has accumulated 18 patents. Ken Bever (83) put his Mathematics and Computer Science degree to work in a storied career that includes living out his passion for ministry through the founding of Hope for Haiti’s Children. Ken illustrates the fact we are all called to spread the gospel, no matter what degree field we pursue. 

  • Aaron Sayles (72)
College of Business Administration
Aaron Sayles (72) College of Business Administration

Distinguished Alum in Teacher Education, Cody Summerville (14) is highlighted in the Educators of Excellence article. These education graduates are well on the path to mirror the significant legacy of beloved OC professors like Dr. Mike Gipson (66), who received the Alumni Achievement Award from the Biology Department. 

It was such an honor to recognize the contributions of Dr. Jeff McIlroy (83) posthumously. Jeff started with an undergrad in Chemistry from OC and went on to impact Tulsa and the surrounding communities through his behavioral health clinics. 

  • Michael Mitchell (04)
Honors Program
Michael Mitchell (04) Honors Program

Ben Williams (15), astrophysicist and OC MDiv graduate, received the Preaching Award. Shane Cannedy (09), pours his passion, perspective, and imagination into youth ministry at the Tenth and Broad Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, Texas. We recognized Jonathan Hanegan (06) for his commitment to missions through the H.I.M. Program and his far reaching efforts in Buenos Aires. Accountant turned German missionary, Don Roehrkasse (81) received the Adam Langford Christian Service Award. 

  • Kaitlyn Knedler
with Dr. Jennifer Gray
College of Natural & Health
Kaitlyn Knedler with Dr. Jennifer Gray College of Natural & Health

The Art + Design department selected Holly Hodge (10) who brings art to the community and opportunities for youth to pursue the arts through her work. Dr. Randy Hatfield (85), History and Political Science 1985 graduate, has improved both access and quality of education for more than a million children in Pakistan. Shawn (99) and Elizabeth (Cail 05) McElroy walk alongside individuals on a journey toward mental and emotional health. Honors graduate, Michael Mitchell (04)contributes to eradicating the water crisis worldwide. Adam Bruce (09) enhances the lives of students with music, imparting the discipline required to earn national recognition. Lucas Ross (03) elevates the OC brand throughout Oklahoma and beyond through his public profile on NBC News, community involvement, and prolific creativity. David Roberts (03) invests in the next generation as a leader in education. And, our nursing program is injecting highly capable and compassionate nurses into health care, like Kaitlyn Knedler (14) who is a Family Nurse Practitioner at OU Family Medicine. 

We are proud of the quality product we produce, our exceptional alumni are testimonies to the best OC has to offer. These Alumni Achievement Award recipients exemplify what it means to be seekers, scholars and servants.

Fall 2018

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