44 Years and 88,000 Gags Lashley, OC’s Entertainer in Residence, Retires

Will Blanchard (07)

In the spring of 1974, a 22-year-old social work major walked across the graduation stage at Oklahoma Christian College. 

A musician, comic, educator, gifted connector, and student leader, Bob “Lash” Lashley could have chased any number of interesting career paths. And fortunately for all of us at OC, he did. 


Early in his OC career, Bob tore up the road in Admissions. Later, he ran the OC Callout and knocked on doors for Advancement. 

Building countless relationships with university donors, Bob raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships and student programs. 

The father of First Week Follies, he put his creative talents to work writing and directing 40 hilarious and technically ambitious employee variety shows. He put in long hours overseeing 12 Spring Sings and 22 Freshman Fanfares. 

He built OC’s parent orientation program, launched the Vienna Alumni Adventure, spearheaded OC Remembers, and led out in the creation of Golden Eagles, a program for OC retirees. 

He led in Events, Alumni Relations, parent programming, and he even served as OC’s golf coach. 

During all this, Bob and his wife Judi (Williams 76) managed to raise two Kingdom-driven kids, Andy (00) Lashley and Aubrie (04) Ross, and a growing contingent of third-generation Eagles, too. 

University records also indicate he told approximately 88,000 wickedly funny but painfully dry jokes during his tenure. That’s a conservative average of one gag an hour for 44 working years. It’s a low estimate if you know Bob (and, chances are, you do know Bob).

As this copy of Vision goes to print, Bob is just days from retirement. After more than four decades as OC’s jack-of-all-trades entertainer in residence, he will step away from his formal role as alumni relations director on May 31. 

When he does, we will lose an icon. Bob would be the first to tell you that every OC student leaves a mark on our campus, but few have left the legacy Bob has. 

Music, humor, serious business amidst serious play—these are trademarks of OC’s DNA. Spring Sing, Follies, Fanfare—these are quintessential OC events. And we owe all of these wonderful OC things (and more) in large part to our friend Lash.

Join us in celebrating Lashley by sending your well wishes to alumni@oc.edu. Dry wit strongly encouraged.

Spring 2018

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