Internships forever changes lives of those who participate in them. Because of this experience, students will have a better idea of their giftedness and call to long-term missions. Whether they become missionaries or not, we believe the impact of their summer experience will make them sensitive advocates of missions and will help them better understand the church as a people sent on mission by God. Our prayer is that God will raise up mission teams from the internship program that can proclaim and embody the good news of Jesus Christ in the world. 

Experience and Reflection

Mission internships are designed to spiritually form students into the image of God and His mission in the world. This will be done through cross-cultural ministry, sharing faith, encouraging maturing churches, and working with an experienced mission team that will mentor interns.

Through experience and reflection, interns will be challenged to address these questions:

  • God - Who is God and what is He doing in the world?
  • Culture - How do we understand culture and the key issues at stake within society?
  • Mission - How does your understanding of who God is and what he is doing interact with culture and the key issues at stake in society? What does this mean for proclaiming the gospel?
  • Life - What does life look like in a different culture? What does team life look like?  What does the church look like?
  • Others - Gustavo Gutierrez, a Christian from Peru, said: “to enter into the life of the other is to begin the process of conversion.” What does the life of others look like?
  • Vocation - How do you envision yourself participating in what God is doing in the world?


It has been said that Oklahoma Christian University (OC) has “the map of the world on its heart.” OC has a long history of preparing Christians to go into the world to share the gospel. We are still committed to that mission. Mission internships are part of our long-term plan to encourage and equip students to become missionaries around the world.

The objectives of the internship program are for students to:

  1. Be formed into the image of God and his mission in the world.
  2. Participate in cross-cultural ministry with experienced missionaries and local churches.
  3. Experience what it is like to be on a mission team and to live in another culture.
  4. Consider full-time mission work in a particular context as their future vocation.

Internships are authentic experiences that transform lives. The Center for Global Missions is partnering with mission teams from around the world to create these dynamic, cross-cultural mission internships. Students will be trained and equipped for the internship by the Center for Global Missions then join an experienced mission team that will mentor interns for a 6-8 week internship.

What is involved? 

Students will experience all aspects of the life and work of a mission team. From preparation and fundraising to team life and ministry to the intersection of gospel and culture, interns will have an authentic experience of the life and work of a missionary.

Interns will: 

  • fundraise with the help of the CGM
  • prepare through the CGM
  • learn language and culture
  • live with missionaries
  • stay with local Christians
  • participate in evangelistic activities and cross-cultural ministry
  • attend team meetings
  • survey a nearby region for future mission work.
  • possibly participate in education, health care and/or development projects

How much does it cost?

Each intern will raise approximately $4,000 to cover all expenses associated with the internship. Each student is required to pay a $100 administration fee once accepted to the program.

How do I apply?

Apply here

When is internship?

Students will prepare during the spring semester and then spend 6-8 weeks on location between the months of May and August. Dates vary depending on the internship location.

Potential Locations

Locations are subject to availability.

  • Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Zambia
  • Europe: Austria, Cech Republic, Croatia
  • Latin America: Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Honduras
  • Asia: Japan, Thailand, India
  • Oceanic: Australia
  • North America: Little Rock, AR, Portland, OR, Canada