HIM Program

Helpers In Missions (HIM) 

The Helpers in Missions program is a ministry of the Memorial Road church that provides young people with the opportunity of a lifetime to spread the Gospel with missionaries already on the field.

The Mission of the HIM program is to:

  •  Further the work of Christ in various missions areas
  •  Provide young people with on the field training in Christian service to equip them for further works of service at home and abroad
  •  Encourage young people to consider returning to a mission field following their experiences as Helpers

The Work - Helpers in Missions is a program of Memorial Road Church of Christ to send university graduates to serve in mission areas under the supervision of an experienced missionary for a two year commitment. HIM workers are placed with field missionaries who request helpers.

Normally HIM workers are selected from students who have participated in summer mission trips. The HIM committee of the MRCC missions ministry seeks recommendations from campaign sponsors and invites select individuals to apply for the program. Applicants must be in their senior year or have already graduated. After all applications have been submitted, the HIM committee interviews all nominees, and successful applicants are admitted into the HIM program. In preparation, the candidates are enrolled in a program of regular training classes in order to teach, strengthen and prepare the individuals selected to meet the challenges they will encounter. Training of HIM workers includes study in these areas:

  •  Missionary preparation and/or missionary methods
  •  Independent study of the field where the Helper will work

The Him committee works with the Helper to determine the best opportunity for service both in the United States and in foreign nations. Helpers in Missions do various types of work as needed on the mission field, under the guidance of the supervising missionary who provided the job description. Personal workers, preachers, secretaries, camp workers and campaigners are all needed. The exact nature of each Helper's work will be detailed prior to departing the Memorial Road congregation. The supervising missionary will supply a job description of the Helper's work. However, each Helper must understand that flexibility on the field is a must and should expect to work where needed. Each Helper is responsible for raising the majority of his or her own support for salary and expenses. Memorial Road church serves as sponsor for the Helper. In this, the congregation will:

  •  Lend moral support to fundraising efforts
  •  Write letters of recommendation for Helpers
  •  Receive, disburse and account for funds that are raised
  •  Oversee the Helper while in the mission field

Personnel - The Helpers in Missions program is directed by Clyde Antwine, assisted by Kent Hartman, both of whom are Missionaries in Residence at Oklahoma Christian University. In addition to Clyde and Kent, the committee includes members of faculty in a variety of disciplines at OC who will have opportunity to observe a wide number of potential candidates.