Transfer of Credit

Post-Enrollment Transfer Credit

Students who are enrolled at OC may receive credit for courses taken at another institution, subject to the following restriction:

  • Obtain written approval on a Transfer Request Form before registering for the courses at another institution.
  • Approval for courses within the major must come from the Department Chair for that major
  • Approval for general education courses must come from the Registrar
  • Students may not take more than 15 hours of transfer credit

Limitation of Transfer Credit

  • Once a student begins at OC he or she may not transfer in more than 15 hours of credit to count toward graduation, of which no more than 6 hours of his or her major can be transferred back to OC. Transfer credit in the major must be approved by the student’s major department, as explained above.
  • Specific departments may have additional transfer restrictions.
  • Only credit from a regionally accredited college or university will be accepted as transfer credit.
  • Technical or vocational credits are not eligible for transfer and may not, therefore, be used to satisfy degree requirements.
  • Current OC students must have transfer credit approved prior to enrolling in a class away from the OC campus. A Transfer Request Form is available online and in the Registrar's Office.
  • A course may not be taken at another college or university to replace a grade for any course that has been taken at OC.

Transfer credit will be accepted from regionally-accredited colleges and universities upon approval of the Registrar. A maximum of 65 semester hours from community/junior colleges may be applied toward degree requirements. Some course work from unaccredited colleges may be validated through credit by examination.

Transferring classes to OC

Courses taken at regionally-accredited colleges and universities will be accepted for credit at OC. These may or may not fulfill specific requirements depending on the courses taken.

Prior to taking a course at another university to fulfill a requirement, you must fill out a transfer approval form. A core curriculum course must be approved by the Registrar. A course within the major must be approved by the dean or department chair, then the Registrar. A course may not be taken at another college or university to replace a grade for any course that has been taken at OC.

International Transfer Students

A Transfer Release Form is required for students transferring from another U.S. college or university.  It must be signed by the applicant and completed by the current institution that holds the student's current I-20 record.  Please note that students must hold legal status in the United States to be eligible for admission.

Transfer course approval form

Download the form, complete your portion of it and return it to the office of the registrar, located in Cogswell-Alexander Hall.