Mail Room Policy

Students residing on-campus at Tealridge are assigned mailboxes by their apartment #.  Your apartment # must be included in your address on mail sent to you, for your delivery carrier to know which mailbox to deliver your mail.  Your mailbox # notification is provided upon completing your housing registration.

Students residing on-campus and provided with OC '2501 E. Memorial Rd.' street address are assigned mailboxes by the computer upon completing housing registration.  Student mailbox # notification is provided the week prior to 'move-in' week; your class enrollment printout will include your mailbox # and combination.  Student mailbox # (SB #) information and combination are also provided online under your website.  Your mailbox # must be included in your address on mail sent to you, for the Mailroom to know where to deliver your mail.

If a student moves to a different dorm or apartment, their mailbox # changes to the mailbox # assigned to that new dorm room or apartment #.  When a student moves at any time to another dorm room or apartment #, moves off-campus for the summer, or studies abroad, the student must fill out a 'mail forwarding' form online at, for the Mailroom to know where to forward the student's mail.  Mail forwarding is only available for one (1) year.

Most students will share a mailbox with another student. Therefore, please do not address mail to student mailbox # only or to a nickname, please use your whole name.  See the 'Mailing and Shipping Addresses' for proper addressing of your mail.

Certified or registered mail is recommended for plane tickets, legal documents, and other items of importance the post office can trace, if necessary. Students must sign for and show a student ID to receive these items.

Large envelopes (too large to fit your mailbox), packages, or other mail held by the Mailroom will require you to present your student ID for verification and scanning to pick up your mail.

Large envelopes, such as those containing pictures, should be labeled 'DO NOT BEND'.

Packages and mail held for student to pick up is held for a maximum of 30 days.  Mail not picked up after this time will be returned to sender marked 'unclaimed'.

All students using the 'on-campus' mailing system to send mail, treats, notes, or any other articles to other students, staff, faculty, must follow the Mailroom guidelines prior to sending them through the on-campus mail stream.  This includes following the regulations of addressing the mail correctly with mailbox numbers from and to, how to package the mail, and type of items acceptable for mailing on-campus.  OC Mailroom regulations are provided at under Student Handbook 2016-2017.