Did You Know?

Here are a few facts about your mailbox:

  • Your mailbox number and combination for dorm students are under myServices on my.oc.edu.
  • Students living in the dorms on campus could share a mailbox with another on campus dorm student at the Mail Center.
  • You must have your mailbox number on the same line address as your name, for students living in the dorms, in order to receive your mail.
  • Students living on campus in the OC apartments at Tealridge and at Phase 3 thru 6 will receive their USPS Post Office mail in their mailboxes at their apartments.
  • Your OC apartment number must be on the same line address as your street address to receive mail at your apartment.
  • Off campus students should use their residence to receive mail and will not have OC on campus mailbox delivery service through the Mail Center.