The safety of our study abroad students is our utmost concern. While no one can make any guarantees against terrorism, we teach students to be alert and aware while traveling. The Office of International Programs monitors safety recommendations from the State Department on a continual basis. Groups will not be allowed to travel to areas that are considered unsafe. 

The biggest safety concern while traveling is petty crime. Pickpockets are common in every country. Students will need to take precautions wherever they travel. Listed below are some ideas for helping avoid this type of criminal activity.

  • Keep valuables (passport, money, credit cards, rail pass, airline tickets, etc.) in a travel wallet
  • Wear the travel wallet while traveling
  • Only carry a day’s worth of cash in a purse, backpack or pocket
  • Be aware of surroundings - watch for distractions and other pickpocket tricks.
  • Move your backpack to the front of your body in crowded situations. Use a sling purse that can be tucked under your arm.
  • Be careful about taking high-priced items like iPods, iPhones, cameras, etc.
  • Always keep a hand on belongings. Never lose sight of them.

Students are never allowed to travel alone. They carry emergency numbers on them at all times and are informed of the plan in case of emergencies.

In case of emergencies, information will communicated directly to parents or through our Facebook page depending on the circumstances.