Eagles on Wall Street

OC Sr Breanna Smith at the NASDAQ closing ceremony during the 2013 GAME Forum.

OC Senior Breanna Smith at the NASDAQ closing ceremony during the 2013 GAME Forum

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Eagles on Wall Street 2016

Experience International financial markets first hand during a spring visit to New York City, Washington D.C, and several other sites related to international finance. During the trip, students will visit financial landmarks such as: The New York Federal Reserve, The Museum of Finance, The United Nations, The World Bank/IMF and many other sites. Students will also visit historical and cultural sites such as The United States Capital, Museum of the American Indian, Embassy Row and many more.


Students must enroll in FINC 3713/INTL 4213, International Finance for the spring of 2016.

Students are required to attend all meetings and travel components.  In the event a student misses two class sessions, the student will be removed from the program and forfeit their deposit.

Application Requirements:

Completed application and references

Cumulative 2.5 GPA

Approval from Student Services and Financial Services

Program Costs and Features

Total program costs are estimated at $1200, but are subject to final budget constraints.  Students must also enroll in FINC 3713 or INTL 4213 for the spring semester.

Program Costs Include:

                Round trip airfare

                Ground transportation to required sites

                Daily breakfast

                Admission fee(s) for required activities

                Hotel Rooms

Not included in program costs:

                Additional meals

                Personal spending (i.e. entertainment and souvenirs)

                Course Materials (i.e. text, calculators, etc.)

Students Responses:

"I had an incredible time on the finance trip to New York City! It was very beneficial hearing from some of the top financial analysts around the nation. After listening to the different topics presented, I have a sparked interest in commercial real estate lending, and real estate investment. This conference taught me so much about global asset management. I highly recommend it for any student pursuing a career in business!" Kyle Knierim


"The G.A.M.E Conference is an eye opener. You get to meet, interact, and attend lectures of some of the industry's top executives and leaders. The topics covered at the conference are diverse and provide knowledge that cannot be obtained in the classroom. The fact that the conference is being held in Manhattan is a bonus. There are so many things to do and choose from. It was definitely one of the best experiences I had at OC" Max Salitra