You will need to turn in a color copy of your current passport by February 1 of the year that you will travel. If you do not have a passport, it is best to go ahead and apply for one by early December. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to receive your passport.

Passport numbers are needed in order to book international airline tickets.

You will need the completed application form (found on the Department of State website) and proof of identification, including an original birth certificate and one passport photo.

Many places can take a passport photo. The Office of International Programs can take photos for $8.

  • Passports must still be valid for at least six months AFTER you return to the U.S. from your study abroad semester. These are U.S. State Department rules for any U.S. citizen traveling outside of the United States.

You are responsible for your passport at all times. You must show up to the bus to the airport with your passport or you won't be able to travel. If you lose your passport while traveling, you must deal with the consequences. NOTE: Asian Studies students will need to have their passports to the Office of International Programs by July 1 so that they can be sent off to obtain Chinese visas. Asian Studies students should be prepared to not have access to their passports during July and August prior to departure.

The European Studies programs do not require a visa. Asian Studies students will need visas for China and Australia. However, the Office of International Programs will take care of all the necessary visas for travel as long as you turn in your passport by the deadline. If you choose to do the visa on your own, you must pay for those costs yourself and you will not be refunded.