The Summer European Studies and Asian Studies programs allow you to receive 6-9 hours of credit. The Fall European Studies and Spring European Studies programs allow you to receive 12-17 hours of credit. Study and Travel courses vary by course.

You must take a minimum of six hours on the Summer European or Asian program and 12 hours on either the Fall European or Spring European programs.

That is fine as long as you feel like you can handle the workload. If you go over the tuition block (17 hours), then you must pay the extra tuition expenses.

All the available courses are listed under each program on the Study Abroad website.Click here to search for those course lists.

It doesn't have to as long as you plan well. Most of the course taken on the study abroad course will count towards general education credits or electives. Talk to your adviser about saving back courses that are required on a study abroad program and not taking them on campus.

Most courses are taught by the faculty member who is traveling with the group. Sometimes, courses are taught by OC faculty on campus as an online course. A few courses are taught by local teachers while on the program.

All students participating in one of the European Studies programs or Asian Studies program will take a required one-hour seminar course prior to travel. Other than that, there are no required courses prior to travel.

Yes, many of the programs require some of the course work to be done in the summer. This is NOT to get all the work out of the way so there is nothing to do on the program, but to do some background work in order to prepare you for your time abroad. Please be prepared to keep up with summer work and deadlines as required.

As long as you take the required courses on your program, you are welcome to work out an independent study with a professor on campus. Please note: Not many professors will offer an independent study to a student because of the time commitment involved.