Director of Academic Excellence in Athletics

NOTE: This job listing has closed. As of July 3, 2012, we are no longer seeking applicants.

Job Summary

The Director of Academic Excellence in Athletics is responsible for the direction and operation of the Anderson Endowment for Academic Excellence in Athletics. Develops programs that support and highlight the academic accomplishments of student-athletes.  Supervises study hall and tutoring sessions.  Monitors student-athlete progress toward a degree, helps monitors and tracks OC and NCAA eligibility requirements and certifies class attendance, when applicable. 

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Maintain knowledge and rules of the NCAA in all aspects as it relates to this position.
  • Responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Anderson Endowment for Academic Excellence in Athletics.
  • Develop operating policies and procedures, including but not limited to podcasting of lectures for student-athletes missing class due to athletic contests, tutoring, class monitoring, progress towards a degree, and enrollment.
  • Oversight of academic progress per OC and NCAA rules. (Work with Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance)
  • Standardize academic procedures for all sports (grade reports, tutors, enrollment procedures, class and chapel excuses, podcasting).
  • Develop programs that support and highlight academic accomplishments of student-athletes.
  • Monitor uniform athletic progress reports and attendance reports when necessary.
  • Provide assistance to coaches and Compliance Director in all areas of academics.
  • Conduct freshman orientation sessions to inform new student-athletes of the academic support opportunities available throughout the University, instruct in time management techniques, etc.
  • Coordinate the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program.  Leadership Training for student-athletes, community engagement activities, coach, staff, and student-athlete continuing education activities will be included. 
  • Goal is to raise the graduation rate and retention of student-athletes.


  • Work with Director of Athletics, Faculty Athletic Representative and Sports Information Director on scholarship and academic recognition awards such as NCAA post-graduate scholarships, Arthur Ashe Award, etc.
  • Assist with on-campus recruiting visits by talking with prospective student-athletes, parents/guardians about academic programs.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned by supervisor. 

Organizational Relationships

Reports directly to the Director of Athletics with upline reporting to Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Academic Affairs and President.  Interaction with coaches, student-athletes, Registrar, Admissions personnel, faculty, Heartland Conference office, and National Collegiate Athletic Association office.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor's degree.  Candidate must have experience in a university setting.  Must be familiar with athletic academic requirements.  Skills in both written and oral communications.  Experience with teaching and tutoring at a college level.  Knowledge of NCAA rules and compliance issues concerning the administration of intercollegiate athletics. 

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

In accordance with the principles of NCAA rules compliance, it is understood that any employee who is found in violation of NCAA regulations shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth in the provisions of the NCAA enforcement procedures, including suspension without pay or termination of employment for significant or repetitive violations.

Position involves preparation of detailed forms and surveys.  Nights and weekend hours involved.

Oklahoma Christian University is a private, liberal arts university that is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.  Applicants should be active members of the Church of Christ and have a personal life that reflects the teachings, example and love of Jesus Christ. 

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to our Director of Human Resources, Lynn Hooper at