Reserve a Room

Reserving a room is easy! Follow these steps.

  • Visit
  • Complete the 2019 Summer Housing Application.
  • Submit by the deadline of March 8 and waive the application fee
  • Reserve summer housing between March 11 through March 15

Once you submit your application, your application is reviewed by the Residence Life Office and Financial Services. Once approved, you will receive an email with the selection date and time to reserve your summer room assignment. Housing selections will be March 11 through March 15.

Phase 5 and Phase 6 students: deadline to reserve your same room assignment for All Summer or Intercession #1 is March 8. After this, you will not have the option to select your same room assignment and we cannot guarantee that it will be available once summer housing selections open.

Students who do not select a summer housing assignment by March 15 will be automatically assigned. Furthermore, students who submit their 2019 Summer Housing Application after March 15 will not be guaranteed to select a room as options will decrease the longer you wait. The deadline to sign-up for any or all summer is one week prior to your designated check-in day. A $15 application fee will be added to reservations after the deadline.