Financial Policy

Summer living costs will be placed on student accounts. Balances will reflect sessions selected on the summer application. Students living on campus during the summer can pay either through their student account online or pay cash or check at the cashier's window in the Business Office, located in Heritage Plaza.

  • Students with outstanding balances of greater than $500 at the end of the spring semester will not be eligible for summer student housing without the prior approval of the student's Personal Financial Counselor (PFC).
  • Payment for summer housing charges must either be paid in full before the start of the summer sessions or in regular monthly/weekly payments during the summer sessions. Students are responsible for making these payment arrangements with their Personal Financial Counselor. Summer housing balances should be paid on a regular basis and not left to the end of the summer.
  • 100% of housing charges will be billed to all students who reserve summer housing. If the student qualifies for a housing discount based on student employment at OC, 50% of those charges for that month will be credited to their balance after the criteria (based on numbers of hours worked) for that housing discount have been met. These discounts are added by the student payroll office and are not a function of Financial Services. Students are responsible for 100% of housing charges they incur if they do not reach the criteria for receiving a housing discount.
  • Students with summer housing balances will not be allowed to enroll for a future semester until their summer housing account balance is paid in full. Students already enrolled for the fall who have outstanding summer housing balances greater than $200 could result in having their fall class schedule dropped.
  • Summer financial aid must first pay for summer tuition expenses. Additional financial aid may be transferred to the student's summer housing account upon the student's request.

Students who are enrolled at least half-time in summer courses may be eligible to receive federal student loans, limited to the cost of attendance for summer. The cost of attendance is tuition, room, board, books, and some personal expenses. Students who are Pell Grant eligible may also be eligible to receive Pell funds in the summer for enrollment in at least half-time hours (6 credit hours for undergraduate students). Contact your Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) in the Financial Services office to see if you qualify.