Reserve a Room

Welcome to OC Housing!

To begin the housing process you must:

  1. Be ADMITTED to OC.
  2. Pay the $250 enrollment deposit.
  3. Complete the housing application. Your housing application will be available 24 hours after payment has been made.

How to complete the housing application:

  1. Click here to begin the housing application. 
    • Housing Login Information: Your login information will be the email address(username) and password that you submitted to Admissions when you first applied to OC. *If you do not remember that information please contact their office at (405) 425.5050.*
  2. Once logged in, select the blue Get Started button located on your home page.
  3. Complete and Submit the housing application.
  4. Receive an email from stating that we have received and approved your application.

Fall Semester Helpful Info:

  • Create a roommate group, if applicable. Deadline to create a roommate group is June 30th.
  • Housing assignments will be posted the 2nd week of July.
Spring Semester Helpful Info:
  • Since there are minimal spots available at the end of the fall semester, our housing options will be limited and we can not guarantee your preferred housing selection.
  • Housing assignments will be posted the 2nd week of December.
**If at any point in this process you change your mind and want to cancel your housing application please contact the Office of Admissions at (405) 425.5050.