Housing Selection for Current Students

Returning Students | 2018 Fall Housing Selection Process

It's time to start thinking about selecting your Fall 2018 OC home! If you are a current OC student and plan to take classes at OC during the Fall 2018 semester, following this simple three-step online process will be the key to selecting your fall housing.

Housing Essentials

  • Summer Storage: Unless you or anyone in your roommate group has a summer housing reservation, you cannot leave / store your belongings in your room over the summer. Failure to remove your belongings will result in a charge and removal of all items.
  • Housing Reservations: To ensure you have housing for the fall, all deadlines must be met and each step completed. If deadlines are not met, Residence Life will automatically assign students with a room. To ensure your housing reservation is kept, you must enroll in fall classes prior to April 28th. If you have not enrolled in fall classes by this date, your housing will be cancelled.
  • Students Not Returning: You will not need to complete this process if you are…
    • Graduating before Fall 2018. Graduating seniors may apply for a lease in our Tealridge Graduate Apartments if they wish to stay on-campus past April 28th.
    • Transferring or do not plan to return for the 2018 fall semester. To ensure you are not charged for housing and your account reflects correctly, please complete the online withdrawal form or notify us at housing@oc.edu.
    • Participating in the Fall 2018 Study Abroad Program. Students attending this program will receive email communication from housing in November that will provide instructions on Spring housing selections. 

2018 Housing selection steps

Step #1: Housing Application & Roommate Groups

Step #2: Pre-Enroll in Fall Classes

Step #3: Housing Selections

Helpful How-To Links

Fall Housing Frequently Asked Questions


Beginning April 10th, you will be able to log onto www.oc.edu/myochome and view your fall housing selection time. This time will be displayed on your home screen.

The following applicants will be eligible to select to live in the Tealridge apartments for the upcoming school year:

  • Third year and fourth year undergraduate women
  • Women who are 21+ years or older
  • April Graduates

Each student is given a specific selection start time that no other student will have. Once this start time begins, you can start selecting rooms. It is to your advantage to select a room as close to that selection time as possible!

If you log onto www.oc.edu/myochome as soon as your selection time begins, we have given you a short amount of time to select a room before allowing the next student in-line to select. Once that time passes, the next student's selection time will occur and they can also begin selecting rooms. The longer you wait to select a room, the fewer room options you will have.

Individual Selection TIme: Your designated selection time will depend on your number of completed hours at the end of this semester. For example, a student with 110 hours will select prior to 100. 

Roommate Group Selection Time: Your groups designated time will be the middle (best) of your groups credit hours. For example, If your group hours consists of 110, 100, 98, and 78 hours, the whole group will be given the selection time of the student with 100 hours. 

*Please note that the Group Leader will make the room selections for each person in the group. Each person in that roommate group will not select their own room. Make sure your group leader is available during the selection start time, as they will be the only ones to select the room. Group leaders can be changed if that leader will not be available during the selection start time.

Qualifications to live in the apartments are as follows: 

  • The age of 21 or older before the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Completed 60+ credit hours before the beginning of the fall semester. 

You will be given a specific time and date to log onto www.oc.edu/myochome and select your housing. If you miss this time, you will still be able to select housing up through April 28th.

By missing your specific time, you simply forfeit your selection time and possible room options to the next person in line. The longer you wait to select housing, the fewer housing options you will have to select from.