Housing Selection for Current Students

Fall Housing Selection Process for 2017 Fall Returning Students

It's time to start thinking about selecting your fall 2017 fall OC home! If you are a current OC student and plan to take classes at OC during the fall 2017 semester, following this simple four-step online process will be the key to selecting your fall housing.

housing steps

Step #1: March 1st – March 22nd

Complete your housing application. This application will become available beginning March 1st. Click Here for instructions on how to complete the application.

* Please Note: If you are graduating this semester or do not plan to attend 2017 fall semester, please complete the 1st step of this process and select the "I will not be attending next semester" option within the application. You will not need to complete steps 2 - 4.

Step #2: March 27th – April 6th

Pre-enroll for classes during your open enrollment period. View the pre-enrollment schedule on our calendar of events.

Fall Classes Pre-Enrollment Schedule:

  • March 27th: Graduate Students and Graduating Seniors
  • March 28th - 29th: All other Seniors
  • March 30th - 31st: All Juniors
  • April 3rd - 4th: All Sophomores
  • April 5th - 6th: All Freshman

Step #3: April 7th – April 11th

Create a roommate group, if applicable. If you have a specific person(s) you would like to room with this fall, you must create a roommate group. Roommate groups should be created between April 7th - April 11th if you want your roommate group to be valid during the housing selection process. Adjustments and edits can be made throughout the selection process, but doing so will affect your selection time and room options.

Roommate Groups FAQ’s

  • Roommate groups are not required. You will still be able to select housing without a roommate group.
  • Everyone in the roommate group MUST be pre-enrolled in classes in order for your roommate group to be valid during housing selection.
  • Once housing selection begins, changes can still be made to your roommate group, but it will affect your selection time and room options.
  • The Group Leader will select the room for the entire roommate group.
  • Make sure your Group Leader is available to select a room at the start time your group is given. If not, you will need to change your leader!
  • Your roommate group must match the apartment or room occupancy. If you are unable to match the occupancy, you may have to adjust your group. Ex. If you are in a roommate group of 4, you will not be able to view or select a room that holds only 3 students.

Step #4: April 12th – April 28th

It’s time to select your housing! You or your roommate group will be assigned a specific selection start time and date to select your housing. From your assigned selection start date through April 28th, you will be able to select a room. 

Be sure to know your unique selection start time and date. Beginning April 10th, you can log onto your MyOC Home account and view this information. Directions on how to select your housing can be found here, or under Helpful How-To Links.

*Please Note*

  • In order to make a selection, you MUST complete Step 1 and Step 2.
  • Returning students who have pre-enrolled in fall classes, but did not select a room by April 28th, will be automatically assigned a room for the fall semester. 
  • It will be to your advantage to select a room when your selection time starts. You will be able to select a room after your selection start time, but your room options will decrease the longer you wait to select.  
  • To qualify to live in the apartments, you must:
    • Be 21+ years of age OR be a third-year college student (calculated by years out of high school) by the completion of the spring 2017 semester.

Helpful How-To Links

Apartment Waitlist Form

If you would like to be on a waitlist for an apartment area, please complete our Apartment Waitlist Form.

Please note that this form does not guarantee your request, as it will depending on the apartment availability. If we are able to honor your request, we will contact you this summer via email if any availabilities that match your request.
If you respond to our email accepting the availability of a specific room, your current fall assignment will then be cancelled and replaced with your specific request.

Please ensure that you have an alternative room selected for the fall, as your request is not guaranteed. 

Apartment Waitlist

Fall Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning April 10th, you will be able to log onto www.oc.edu/myochome and view your fall housing selection time. This time will be displayed on your home screen.

The following applicants will be eligible to select to live in the Tealridge apartments for the upcoming school year:

  • Third year and fourth year undergraduate women
  • Women who are 21+ years or older

Each student is given a specific selection start time that no other student will have. Once this start time begins, you can start selecting rooms. It is to your advantage to select a room as close to that selection time as possible!

If you log onto www.oc.edu/myochome as soon as your selection time begins, we have given you a short amount of time to select a room before allowing the next student in-line to select. Once that time passes, the next student's selection time will occur and they can also begin selecting rooms. The longer you wait to select a room, the fewer room options you will have.

Individual Selection TIme: Your designated selection time will depend on your number of completed hours at the end of this semester. For example, a student with 110 hours will select prior to 100. 

Roommate Group Selection Time: Your groups designated time will be the middle (best) of your groups credit hours. For example, If your group hours consists of 110, 100, 98, and 78 hours, the whole group will be given the selection time of the student with 100 hours. 

*Please note that the Group Leader will make the room selections for each person in the group. Each person in that roommate group will not select their own room. Make sure your group leader is available during the selection start time, as they will be the only ones to select the room. Group leaders can be changed if that leader will not be available during the selection start time.

In order to live and select an apartment for the 2017 fall semester, you must be a third-year college student (calculated by years out of high school), or the age of 21+ by the completion of the spring 2017 semester.

You will be given a specific time and date to log onto www.oc.edu/myochome and select your housing. If you miss this time, you will still be able to select housing up through April 28th.

By missing your specific time, you simply forfeit your selection time and possible room options to the next person in line. The longer you wait to select housing, the fewer housing options you will have to select from.