Housing Policies

The following policies are an excerpt. For complete housing policies, refer to the Student Handbook. Students are also responsible for information contained in the OC Student Handbook, and should reference that document for more detailed information on each of the following topics below.

Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

Oklahoma Christian University forbids both the use and possession of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs by its students. Alcohol and tobacco of any kind are not allowed on campus. This restriction also applies to the electronic cigarettes and vapes of all kinds.

UNIVERSITY RIGHT TO SEARCH: Oklahoma Christian University reserves the right to inspect your property at any time for any reason, or for no reason. This retained right to search, includes the right to search your vehicle, apartment, or room for alcohol, drugs, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any other item which is prohibited either by law or policy. Notwithstanding, all such searches must have the prior approval of the Dean of Students or designee.

Bed Bunking & Lofting

As a student at Oklahoma Christian University, I understand that the beds in university housing may be bunked or lofted. I agree to the following:

  • If I bunk or loft a bed personally, I will follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and necessary hardware provided by the University. If help is needed, I will contact my Residence Life Staff.
  • I agree to use the bunk or loft responsibly and safely.
  • I assume all loss, risk of injury, actual injury or death should I choose to not use the bunked or lofted beds safely.
  • I agree to hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Oklahoma Christian University, its Trustees, employees or students, and release Oklahoma Christian University from any liability, claim, and/or cause of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained, or to any personal property arising out of the use of a bunked/lofted bed while living in Oklahoma Christian University housing.

I agree that this Release/Waiver/Indemnification shall be in effect whether injury is caused by my action, my negligence, and/or the negligence or action of any third party.

Common Billing

If damage occurs in common areas such as lounges and hallways and the responsible parties are not identified, all residents of the wing, floor or hall are normally billed for the cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged items. The residence director works with the students and staff to determine, if possible, who is responsible for the damage. If the bill is to be divided among residents, the staff notifies those residents of the cost per person.

Damages to OC Property

Any room damage, beyond expected wear-and-tear, will be charged to the occupants of the room/apartment. It is critically important that you complete the online Room Condition Report. This form is designed to protect you. Painting, making repairs, alterations, additions, or other changes to facilities are prohibited. Furniture belonging to the University may not be moved from your room or apartment. You are responsible and will be charged for any missing or damaged furniture.

Stains to carpet, mattresses, walls, or furniture, caused by hair dye, bleach, paint or any other staining substance that cannot be removed will result in the cost of total replacement being charged to the account of each of the responsible residents. Residents will be financially responsible for all such damage.

Damages occurring in common areas where responsibility cannot be determined will be charged equally between all students in the area. Air conditioning units in the apartment should never be set below 70 degrees. This prevents the unit from freezing and breaking.

Please see the Oklahoma Christian University Student handbook for more detailed information about responsibilities pertaining to damages, Room Condition Forms, and student responsibility for damages.



Do not use anything but wall putty (mounting putty such as Plasti-tak) and tiny nails or push pins to hang permitted decorations. Even these items, used in excess, can cause damages resulting in charges to the residents. Do not use double-sided tape, Command Strips or any other adhesive; these take paint off the walls. Any type of tape is prohibited.


EMSA Ambulance Total Care Program 

I understand that Oklahoma Christian has not enrolled me in the EMSAcare Program, an ambulance subscription program, and I will not receive the benefits of this program unless I enroll directly. I understand I may receive the EMSAcare Program benefits by contacting EMSA directly and enrolling in the EMSAcare Program individually.  I understand that failure to participate in the EMSA Program subjects me to pay the full costs associated with transport and treatment, should I require EMSA ambulance care. To learn more about enrolling in the program directly or to request an application for an EMSAcare membership direct with EMSA, you can contact EMSAcare at (405) 396-2888 or visit their website at www.emsaonline.com.

Failure to Check Out Properly 

Failure to follow proper checkout procedures when leaving OC housing may result in improper checkout charges, and may incur all cleaning and/or other applicable damage charges.

Guest in Apartments 

Guests of the same sex are welcome to stay in your room, without charge, for a maximum of 3 days. Guests may not move from room to room or apartment to apartment, extending their stay. Guests who stay in student housing are required to register with you Resident Director and to observe all University policies.

Guests who stay in student housing are required to register with you Resident Director and to observe all University policies. Residents are responsible for all guest violations of policy.

Guests of the opposite sex are prohibited from visiting your apartment except during the following hours: Monday – Friday 5:00 pm – 12:00 am | Saturday - Sunday 12:00 pm- 12:00 am. When guests of the opposite sex visit, blinds must be open and guests must stay in the living room and kitchen areas.


Guests in Residence Halls

Guests of the same sex are welcome to stay in your room, without charge, for a maximum of 3 days. Guests may not move from room to room or suite to suite, extending their stay. Guests who stay in student housing are required to register with you Resident Director and to observe all University policies. Residents are responsible for all guest violations of policy.

You are not permitted to have members of the opposite sex inside your suite or room at any time except during Open House or written permission from your Resident Director.


Lost or Stolen Property 

Oklahoma Christian University is not responsible for damage or theft of any student’s personal property, regardless of the cause of the damage. You must take precautions to protect yourself and your property at all times. You are strongly encouraged to obtain personal renters insurance to protect your personal property. Students are responsible for providing their own renters insurance to cover losses to their personal property.

Patios & Sidewalks 

Patios can only be decorated with patio furniture designed for outside use. Grills should only be stored on the first level and grilling should be done on concrete or asphalt at least fifteen (15) feet away from buildings and vehicles.

Quiet Hours 

Please observe quiet hours which are 10:00 pm – 10:00 am every day. During finals, quiet hours are 24 hours per day.


Room Changes

Students living in residence halls may request room changes through MyOC beginning the first business day of the second week after the start of the quarter. Mediation and/or a meeting with the residence director may be required before the room change is approved. Room change requests are granted based on availability and may be limited during the final two weeks of each quarter. If a student changes rooms before executing the proper paperwork, a fee may be assessed, the move may be denied and/or a student conduct hearing may be required.

Room Check for Cleanliness 

Two unsatisfactory room checks in a semester will result in a fine. If an unsatisfactory room is not made satisfactory within 24 hours, daily fines will be assessed until the room is satisfactory. Room check for cleanliness is every other week beginning the first week of classes in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

All residents are responsible for the cleanliness of all common living areas and shared bathrooms. Fines will be assessed per-capita. Place trash in dumpsters; otherwise, identifiable trash found will result in a fine.

Room Consolidation

Due to the high demand for student housing, OC reserves the right to consolidate spaces to accommodate the housing needs of all students requesting housing. If consolidation is necessary, residence life and housing staff members provide necessary information including the date of the move, the new location and the name of the student's new roommate(s).


Safety & Vandalism

Some items and behaviors are prohibited in campus housing due to their impact on student safety and fire risk. These items include but are not limited to: candles, incense, halogen and lava lamps. Having these items in a university facility may result in confiscation and/or fines. Tampering with or disassembling smoke detectors or other fire safety equipment is prohibited and will result in fine.

Only designated entrances and exits may be use to access residential areas. Questions about proper entrances and exits can be directed to the office of Residence Life. Windows are not to be used as an exit or entrance, and should be locked at all times. Likewise, propping open exterior doors or windows is prohibited, as it compromises the safety of all residents. Students should keep doors locked at all times. Residence Life staff that encounter unlocked doors will lock them.