Frequently Asked Questions

Bed configurations are determined by location:

  • Fails Hall: All beds are lofted.
  • Davisson Hall & University House: Students may bunk beds, or may request a loft kit from their Resident Director. Loft kits will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Warlick: One set of beds in each room will be bunked.
  • Wilsons, Tinius East, Phase 5 & 6 Apartments: Students may bunk beds.
  • Gunn-Henderson, Tinius West, Phase 3 & 4 Apartments: Bed furniture is unable to be modified.

Students must coordinate all bed modifications with their Resident Director, and will use the required hardware for safety. Any change made to the beds will be completed by the students. Students will be responsible for putting beds back to their original position at check-out or will be charged a $25 fine. If a student is physically unable to modify their bed, arrangements must be made with their Resident Director.

Students agree to modify and use bunked or lofted beds responsibly as per the Bunking & Lofting Waiver on the Housing Agreement.

Click Here to learn more about OC's Mail Center and what your mailing and shipping address will be!

Accidental Damage and Student Property Protection:

While personal property insurance is not a requirement, we strongly encourage every student to insure the contents of their residence hall room or apartment. OC is not responsible for damage or theft of any student’s personal property, regardless of the cause of the damage. Students are responsible for providing their own renters insurance to cover losses to their personal property. 

If you are looking to purchase this type of protection, the College Plus Protection Plan provides an advantage over the typical homeowners coverage as it covers small electronics and accidental damages.  College Plus Protection offers a comprehensive policy that is designed specifically for the college student. 

College Plus Protection, provides protection of your iPhone and laptop from cracked screens and drops in addition to protecting all of the personal property that is in your dorm room from theft, accidents and flooding.

  • Deductibles as low as $50
  • Premiums as low as $66/year
  • Unlimited claims
  • Coverage starting up to $2,000 per accident.

Please visit the easy on-line enrollment for additional details.

All new students needing a housing assignment will need to visit our New Students page and follow the instructions on how to reserve a room.

Things to Note:

A first-time student is placed in their housing assignment. The placement is based on answers from the housing application and roommate group, if applies. Students who do not have a roommate (and have not formed a roommate group) by the last week of June will be paired with another student based on answers in the housing application.

Remember, all placements are generated based on submission date of your housing application (example: first housing application submitted is first placed). Residence hall preference is not guaranteed

Fall Housing opens for all students on Saturday, August 18th from 8:00 am - 5 pm.

When arriving at OC, you will complete the following steps:  

  1. Arrive at the Garvey Center between these times for check-in.
  2. Locate housing staff to check-in to begin check-in process.
  3. Complete any unfinished housing paperwork, if needed.
  4. Gain key card or key access to your room.
  5. Be directed to your room or apartment.
  6. Move into your new OC home!
  7. Complete your online room condition form.

New Students: For Additional Fall Move-In Information, Click Here.

Current Students: For Additional Fall Move-In Information, Click Here.

A step by step editorial has been created to show what roommate group is, how a roommate group is created, and the importance of a roommate group

Click Here to view the editorial

Current OC students residing in University Housing wanting to change rooms will need to follow the steps below to request a room change. Room changes for the 2017-2018 academic years will be available after the 2nd week of every term.

As much as is possible, Residence Life staff will encourage students to collaboratively work through roommate differences before resorting to student relocation. Please note that all impacted roommates should be informed of the room change before a move should occur.

Steps to Complete a Room Change:

  1. Complete online Student Move Request Form. Contact your RD to gain access to this form.
  2. Meet with your Resident Director (RD): Residence Life Staff contact information can be found here.
  3. Receive Notification of Room Change Status: You will receive the status of your room change request via email. If approved, you will also receive your move date time frame (December or January) in this email. This date will be based on the availability of your room. 
  4. Inform all impacted roommates and or suite-mates that you have requested to move for the spring semester.
  5. *If approved, schedule a Check-in & Check-out time with your RD.

Please noteThe room change status will be based on the approval of Residence Life Staff, the availability of the room or apartment you requested, and your qualifications to live in that requested building.

*Things to Note:

  • Room changes that continue past the 48 hours deadline may be subject to an Improper Move-Out Fee and/or charges for occupying both spaces.
  • When your scheduled check-out time arrives, all of your belongings must be out of your room.  Your area should be clean and in the same set-up arrangements as when you moved in.
  • If moving from building to another, you may be required to coordinate check in/out times with different RD's.

Click here to view additional room change policies in OC’s Student Handbook.


Students can subscribe individually to Cox services in their room or apartment.

  • Advance TV Economy for 1 TV -  $40.49 per month plus taxes and fees (additional receivers are $8.50 a month)
  • Cox TV Essentials for 1 TV - $79.98 per month + taxes and fees (additional mini boxes $2.99 per TV per month)
  • Cox Contour TV for 1 TV - $88.49 per month with 1 receiver + taxes and fees (additional receiver $8.50 per month or additional mini box at $2.99)

NOTE: Students are responsible for the subscription and any equipment provided by Cox.  If students need to change rooms or terminate service they will need to contact Cox directly.

Contact Information to request, change, or terminate service:

  • (405) 600-8282

Click here for additional information about signing up for Cox Cable.

An email will be sent from to students beginning the 3rd full week of July for fall housing assignments or 2nd full week of December for spring housing assignments.

This information is published either the 3rd week of July (fall housing assignments) or 2nd week of December (spring housing assignments) on your myOC, under 'Services', then 'Housing', and 'View Housing Information'.

By law, the Office of Residence Life or any other office(s) on campus can not release contact information except for what is on this site.

Please access the school calendar for the date housing opens at the beginning of each semester. Fall semester housing opens mid August; Spring semester housing opens the Saturday that follows January 1.

New Students: For Additional Fall 2017 Move-In Information, Click Here.

Current Students: For Additional Fall 2017 Move-In Information, Click Here.

See OC Calendar

One per each student in the room:

  • Bed
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Desk
  • Chair

Living room:

  • Couch
  • Chair
  • Coffee table / end table


  • Bed
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Desk or table
  • Chair

There is a link on your myOC labeled 'Insurance and Immunization Information Update'. You can add or update your health insurance and immunization information there.Please Note: If you do not currently have health insurance, type NONE in the Primary Insured field. Student Life will contact you about your options.

Residence Halls:

  • The lobby of the Resident Hall you will be living at during the semester.


  • Phases 3, 4 and 5 in the Nowlin Center (on the east side of campus off Nantucket Road).
  • Phase 6 (A,B,C,D & E) in the Phase 6 Community Center (the southeast section of the Phase 6 apartments)

New Students: For Additional Fall 2017 Move-In Information, Click Here.

Current Students: For Additional Fall 2017 Move-In Information, Click Here.

New students can access their student box number on their myOC account under 'Services' then 'My Campus Services'. The OC Mail Center is located Heritage Village building, Suite 103 (north side of Jimmy John's).

Here are a few facts about your mailbox:

  • Your mail box number and combination are under myServices on
  • Students living on campus share a box with their roommates.
  • Students living off campus are not automatically assigned student boxes but can acquire one by coming by the mailroom and requesting it.
  • You must have your mail box number on any mail that is sent to you.

For all other information about the Mailroom please visit their site at

Students are allowed to stay in campus housing over holiday breaks without charge. The only exception is Christmas Break. Students may make a reservation to stay during Christmas Break.  Since this period is outside the 15 week housing agreement, the additional fee of $25 per night does apply.  In order to stay on campus during the Christmas, the all charges for your stay must be paid no later than December 9. All personal property left by students in the apartment or residence hall rooms between any semester and holiday period is the sole responsibility of the student, and Oklahoma Christian denies any liability for any damage resulting from theft, fire, water or any other casualty loss during this time. If you have valuables, you should strongly consider removing these items from your room any time you are not on campus.

You can bring a refrigerator no larger than 4 cubic feet and a small microwave. PLEASE NOTE: Only one refrigerator and one microwave per room in the Residence Halls, not one per student in a room. Contact your roommate to determine logistics.

While we have tried to honor everyone's requests for rooms and roommates, it is impossible to give everyone their first choices. Opportunities for roommate and hall changes are allowed after the first week of the semester. All changes must be coordinated with your Resident Director. 

Most residents use their student ID to access their room. However, there are a few residential areas that have metal keys. These keys may not be duplicated.

Lost key: Contact your Resident Director to receive a replacement. There is a $35 charge for replacement keys. Locks will be replaced within two working days. All keys are to be returned at the end of the semester at checkout time.

Lost student ID: Residents in card access areas will need to get a new ID card from IT Services and take it to their Resident Director for encoding.

If you should lock yourself out of your room, contact a Residence Life staff member. 

Your room should be locked at all times. Do not leave cash, jewelry or other valuables in the open. Before arriving on campus, you should record the serial numbers of your personal property and mark all items such as TV's, stereos, cameras, etc., with your name and OC ID #. If you are a victim of theft, notify the hall staff and Campus Police immediately. OC cannot be responsible for theft; however, theft insurance is available.

Since OC does not own the personal property of students, OC cannot obtain insurance to cover your personal property in case of theft or fire damage, etc. It is, therefore, your responsibility to see that your personal property is covered. You will receive information regarding insurance called "Student Personal Property Plan." You may view this information online.

National Student Services Website

If you are in need of non-emergency medical attention, Mercy Health Clinic (on the east side of campus) is OC’s on-campus medical clinic.  The clinic hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm. You can contact the Mercy clinic at 425-6100 to schedule an appointment. 

More Information

911 and Campus Police: 405-425-5500 are appropriate emergency contacts. For non-emergency Residence Life related needs, please contact your Residence Life staff.

Yes. Washers and dryers are available in all residence halls, Phase 5 & 6 apartments and Phase 3 & 4 laundry areas. The campus machines DO NOT require cash, however; you must be an Oklahoma Christian student to use them. 

All first-year students in the residence halls, except those that are 21 years or older, have curfew.

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 a.m.
Friday 1:00 a.m.
Saturday 12:30 a.m.


OC takes a very strong stance against such substances. The possession (opened or packaged) or use of any alcohol or illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia is not permitted on or off campus. OC maintains a totally smoke-free environment. Tobacco in any form is prohibited on campus.

For a full description of the code of conduct which students are expected to know and follow, please consult the Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

No. However, there are storage facilities near the OC campus that work with college students.

Click Here, to view our recommend packing list!