Oklahoma Christian University’s price of $28,130 per year is far below the national private-school average of $43,921 and the public-school average of $34,031 for out-of-state students. OC’s price is further reduced by financial aid that makes our nationally-recognized education competitive with the in-state costs of many public universities, providing opportunity for students from all income ranges.

With more than 90% of OC students receiving grants and scholarships, the average OC student only pays about 57% of our total cost of attendance. Including all financial aid (federal loans and work study), the average student’s out-of-pocket cost is reduced to about 42% of tuition, room, and meal plan costs.

Few investments can deliver a return more than a college education. According to U.S. Census data, the typical college graduate can expect a lifetime earnings potential of well over $1 million more than that of a person with just a high school diploma.