Student Account Online

Oklahoma Christian University provides convenient online bill and payment options.

Payments and/or Students Pay Student Accounts Online

With online payments, students and families have a fast way to pay OC charges and fees.  It’s not only fast; it’s easy!  You simply:

  • Choose the payment method that best fits your needs.
  • Pay over a secure and easy-to-use website

In addition, you can set up and maintain recurring payments.  Pay anytime, anywhere.

International Student Payments

International students making payments from outside the United States should set up an account through Flywire using the following link: These payments will be sent directly to the University on the student's behalf.

Set up Payment Plans

OC payment plans are easy, convenient and designed to allow students and/or parents to make monthly payments (up to five per semester) with zero percent interest. 

Receive Bills from OC Electronically

Electronic billing is the easy way to keep track of your bills and get notified when it’s time to make a payment. It’s a secure and reliable way of integrating, consolidating, authorizing and processing all your OC bills.  We simply notify you by email that a bill is available online and allow you or an authorized user to make a payment. You can even print receipts and students can set up PIN access for parents and family members.

Set Up Electronic Refunds

E-Refunds allow students to avoid the delay in receiving and cashing a refund check.  OC notifies students by email the instant their refund has been deposited into their bank account. 

Access your Student Account Online

Current Students:

  1. Log in to MyOC
  2. Click on “Student Account Online” under Services/Student Financial Services.

Prospective Students:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on "Student Account Online" link 

Parents and other 3rd party users

  1. Log in to MyOC
  2. Click on "Student Account Online" on the left hand menu
  3. Don't have access?  Request access from your student by submitting and completing the Parent/Guardian Information Request Form.