Student Lending Options

Eligible students who complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are eligible to borrow a limited amount of money for educational expenses.

The first type of student loans a student should accept are federal Direct loans.  If you have accepted a Direct loan on your Oklahoma Christian award letter, please use the following links to complete your loan entrance interview (LEI) and/or your master promissory note (MPN).

Direct Loans

Parents who are interested in applying for a parent loan (PLUS) may use the following link to learn more about PLUS loans and to begin the PLUS loan application process.  After completing the application for a parent loan, the Oklahoma Christian Student Financial Services Office will receive notification of the loan's approval or denial.

PLUS Loans

Some students may need additional loans to help cover the cost of their education.  Alternative student loans should only be used after a student has accepted all eligible Perkins and/or Stafford loans.  Alternative student loans are not guaranteed by the federal government and will almost always have a higher interest rate. 

The following link will allow you to compare the benefits of our preferred lenders and apply for an alternative student loan.

Alternative Student Loans

The Department of Education has ended the Perkins Loan Program. Schools are no longer able to award Perkins Loans.