Costs for 2016-2017

Undergraduate Degree Costs

Oklahoma Christian University’s commitment to affordability contrasts with the nationwide trend; according to the College Board, the average cost of attendance rose 12 percent at private schools and 10 percent at public schools over the past three years. OC’s price went up just 3 percent in that span.

Undergraduate students can take up to 17 hours per semester for OC’s base tuition price, and can further shape their costs with on-campus housing choices that best fit their budgets and needs.

Use our Net Price Calculator,, to learn what your likely “net price” would be ... and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. You can contact your Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) directly or reach us at 405.425.5190, or at 800.877.5010, ext. 5190.

Tuition (12-17 hours per semester)
Student Activity Fee (Full-time students)

Housing (Typical price for shared freshman housing)



Meal Plan (Residence Hall Meal Plan)


Tuition Semester Year
Full-time tuition (17 hours) $10,385 $20,770
Per credit cost over 17 hours $610(per hour)
Part-time tuition, per credit hour cost $865(per hour)

Fees Semester
Student Activity Fee (Full-time students) $35
Student Activity Fee (Part-time students) $20
Freshman Orientation Programs Fee $150(freshmen year; first semester only)

*Limited program-specific fees apply for nursing clinicals, some courses with lab, private music lessons, and music accompanist charges.

Individual tuition, meal plan, and housing costs may vary due to additional hours, housing assignment, meal plan, private music lessons, and/or nursing clinical tuition.

2016-2017 Housing Costs

2016-2017 Meal Plan Costs

2016-2017 Printable List of All Undergraduate Costs

Graduate Degree Costs

Before seeking a graduate degree, students must complete an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Domestic Students
International Students
Graduate School of Business
Graduate School of Engineering
Graduate School of Theology