Venue Listing

Oklahoma Christian University is blessed with campus facilities that are attractive for use by many organizations and groups. If you are interested in renting one of these venues, please read the Campus Rental and Use Policy, then contact the Office of Events and Campus Coordination at 405.425.6300 or

Adams Recital Hall Adams Recital Hall

Best for: Meetings, Performances, Other

Capacity: 180

Baugh Auditorium Baugh Auditorium

Best for: Performances, Other

Capacity: 1184

Dave Smith Athletic Center (The Barn) Dave Smith Athletic Center (The Barn)

Best for: Performances, Other

Dobson Baseball Field Dobson Baseball Field

Best for: Other

Gotcher Room

Best for: Meetings

Hartman Place

Best for: Other

Located on the north side of the Mabee Learning Center and next to the Payne Athletic Center, Hartman Place includes a covered pavilion, a rock waterfall feature, a dry riverbed, and a unique space where people can write tributes to lost loved ones in chalk underneath a stainless steel etching of I Corinthians 13:13.

Judd Theatre Judd Theatre

Best for: Meetings, Performances, Other

Capacity: 283

McIntosh Conservatory McIntosh Conservatory

Best for: Performances

Capacity: 20 round tables on the brick, or 200 classroom-style chairs

Memorial Trees Memorial Trees

Best for: Other

Scott Chapel Scott Chapel

Best for: Performances, Other

Capacity: 200-250

Thelma Gaylord Forum Thelma Gaylord Forum

Best for: Performances, Other

A beautiful outdoor space, frequently used as a "hang out" place, devo location or outdoor concert venue.

University Dining

Best for: Meetings, Other

Available Discounts

Faculty and staff will receive a 75% off discount from the price of the venue rental. Students and alums will receive a 25% off discount. This does not apply to extra fees.