World Leaders

George H. W. Bush

In March 1992, as presidential elections were drawing near and candidates were appearing at rallies across the nation, Oklahoma Christian was honored as the chosen host for a campaign stop by President George H. W. Bush.

The rally, planned by the Bush/Quayle '92 Primary Committee, was held in the Thelma Gaylord Forum. Festivities included concession stands, campaign signs and performances by the OC Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Chorale. Students were encouraged to wear OC attire to promote unity for Oklahoma Christian. Student Senate President Jeanetta Davis presented Bush with an OC baseball jersey and hat in a private session Friday morning. President Bush arrived at the rally about 9 a.m. on Friday, March 6.

The campus was buzzing with excitement in the days of preparation before the president was scheduled to arrive; “How often does a university have a chance to play the role of host to the President of the United States?”

Security had to be top of the line to guarantee the president’s safety. Everyone involved in law enforcement in the area worked with the Secret Service to establish a “safety zone” within the campus. One thousand feet of barricade fencing was put up on the outer perimeter extending from the north sidewalk of the student center to the field house over to the learning center to Gaylord Hall extending to the east side of Gaylord back south to the mass communication building. Four metal detectors were set up to examine the crowds.

In preparation for the White House press corps, three rooms in the Biblical Studies Center were converted into a media filing center. During the president’s speech, the White House press corps was located directly in front of the stage area, while other media personnel occupied an area further back.