Salary Info & Resources

Resources gives you an inside look at company reviewsinterview questions, & salary informationfor thousands of companies. is a leading provider of pay and performance info. has the world's largest database of online compensation data. allows you to compare your salary to others in your area & find out if you're underpaid

America's Career Infonet provides info on wages & salary by occupation, location etc.

Occupational Outlook Handbook has detailed wage data by occupation & area.

Simply Hired provides an easy-to-use calculator to see how your income stacks up against others.

Salary Negotiation

Salary Calculator

A way to compare average salaries and cost of living differences between two locations

The Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation Method

Jack Chapman's Salary Negotiation

After-Tax Salary

Paycheck City

Calculate your take-home pay after taxes

Salary Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the following 20 questions before you say "yes" to that job offer.